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  • Google Maps is the most preferred navigation app among surveyed American drivers to avoid speed traps, with 70% favoring it over Waze and Apple Maps.
  • A speed trap is defined as an area where the speed limit is set lower than a road’s safest average rate of travel, and 30% of Americans have been caught in one.
  • Waze, though second in overall preference, is considered 30% more effective at handling speed trap warnings than Google Maps and 20% better than Apple Maps.
  • Google Maps users are more likely to drive over the speed limit, with 23% admitting to driving with a “lead foot,” compared to Waze and Apple Maps users at 11% and 9%, respectively.


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Oh, the dreaded speeding ticket. It’s like a dark cloud on a sunny day, isn’t it? And falling into a speed trap? That’s the cherry on top of a very unwanted sundae.

So, here’s the scoop – according to a piece by MarketWatch, as reported by Android Police, those in the know are turning to Google Maps. Why? To dodge those pesky speed traps. They surveyed over a thousand American drivers, average age sitting pretty at 41. The gender split? A neat 50-50. And they didn’t stop there; they threw in some data from for good measure.

And guess what they found? A staggering 70% of these drivers are team Google Maps. But wait, there’s more. Waze, Google’s other brainchild, grabs the silver medal in this navigation app race. It’s all about crowdsourcing, baby. Apple Maps? It’s not too far behind, snagging the affection of 25% of those surveyed.

But here’s a kicker – 34% of these drivers admitted that their app of choice has saved them from a speed trap ambush.

Now, let’s talk preferences. Google Maps is the MVP for a majority of drivers, leaving Waze and Apple Maps in the dust. But what’s a speed trap, you ask? Well, MarketWatch has a definition. It’s basically when the speed limit is sneakily set lower than what feels natural for the road. Why? So the police can play catch and collect some cash. And would you believe it? 30% of Americans have been snagged in one. The biggest culprits? Delaware, Maryland, and Tennessee. And the least likely to spoil your day? North Dakota, South Dakota, and Nebraska.

Here’s an interesting tidbit – while 70% rely on Google Maps for a heads-up on speed traps, Waze users swear it’s the top dog in this department. They say it’s 30% more on the ball than Google Maps and 20% better than Apple Maps. But, get this – Google Maps users are the rebels of the road. A whole 23% confess to pushing the pedal a bit too hard. Waze and Apple Maps users? They’re a bit more cautious, with only 11% and 9%, respectively, admitting to speeding.

Thinking of joining the club and downloading these apps? Well, you know where to find them.

Derrick Flynn
Derrick Flynn
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