Moto Buds Plus Review – Comfort and Customization Unveiled

What you should know


  • The Moto Buds Plus are small, lightweight, and come with an IP54 water and dust resistance rating, making them suitable for activities involving water splashes or sweat.
  • They offer a comfortable fit with three sizes of silicon tips and an app that tests the fit, ensuring they stay secure even during intense physical activities.
  • The companion Moto Buds app provides various customization options, including noise control modes (Off, Transparency, Adaptive, Noise Cancellation), and the ability to connect to two devices simultaneously.
  • Sound quality is balanced with a slight lean towards bass, and the earbuds come with an EQ tool for audio profile adjustments. Battery life is impressive, offering around 6 hours of playtime with ANC and Hi-Res mode activated.


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The earbuds? They’re tiny. Sporting short stems and silicon tips, they barely make their presence known. Oh, and let’s not forget the IP54 rating – they’re champs against water and dust. As a runner, the thought of sweat streams doesn’t faze me one bit with these buds.

Fit and feel? Like a dream. The Moto Buds Plus are so light, wearing them feels like nothing. Whether I’m grinding through work hours or zoning out on my phone, they’re my go-to.

Motorola didn’t skimp on options either. They toss in two extra sizes of silicon tips, just in case. And there’s this neat feature on the Moto Buds app – it checks the fit for you. For me, the default tips were a perfect match. They stayed put, even when my runs turned into sweat marathons. But hey, ears are weird and unique, so your mileage may vary.

Pairing these buds is a breeze. Pop open the case, hit the button till it blinks blue, and voilĂ . Just a heads-up, though – the buds need to be in the case to pair. Found that out the hard way.

The Moto Buds app? Pretty slick. It’s got everything – battery levels, connected buds, noise control modes, and a bunch of customization options. Speaking of noise control, there’s Off, Transparency, Adaptive, and Noise Cancellation. Plus, you can connect to two devices at once. A bit tricky, but doable.

Game mode and Hi-Res audio are there too. Game mode’s a bit meh for latency, so maybe skip these for your gaming marathons. Motorola also threw in in-ear detection, pausing your tunes when you yank a bud out.

Touch controls are the real MVP here. No pinching, just taps and swipes. They’re responsive, intuitive, and customizable. You’ve got your standard gestures, plus the option to tweak them to your liking.

Noise Cancellation does its job, blocking out the world pretty well. Transparency mode, though, isn’t adjustable. It’s all or nothing, letting in a mix of sounds. Adaptive mode’s a wild card, but I like to tweak things manually anyway.

Sound quality? These buds pack a punch. They handle bass like champs, making my hip-hop playlists a joy. Voices in videos and podcasts come through crisp and clear. And the EQ tool in the app lets you fine-tune your audio experience.

Battery life’s solid. With ANC and Hi-Res on, I got around 6 hours. Turn those off, and you squeeze out a bit more. The case adds a few extra charges, and quick charging means you’re never out of juice for long. Plus, wireless charging or USB-C – your choice.

Final thoughts? I’m sold on the Moto Buds Plus. At $129, they’re a steal for the features, comfort, and battery life they offer. They’ve earned a spot in my running gear, and maybe they’ll edge out my over-ear headphones too.

Derrick Flynn
Derrick Flynn
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