Moto Edge 50 Ultra Revives Wooden Phone: Is a Lego Version Coming?

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  • Not every great phone is defined by its technical specifications; aesthetics and unique design elements can also contribute to a phone’s appeal.
  • Phones like the Motorola RAZR V3, Nokia 8110, and Sony Ericsson T610 are celebrated for their distinctive looks and character, highlighting the importance of aesthetics in phone design.
  • Motorola’s introduction of a wooden back for the Edge 50 Ultra revisits the concept of using organic materials in smartphones, offering a blend of style and a natural feel.
  • Exploring alternative materials such as ceramic, bio-plastics, recycled materials, metal alloys, and carbon fiber could lead to more sustainable, durable, and aesthetically diverse smartphone designs in the future.


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Oh, the essence of what truly matters, often hidden from our sight. Yet, the Little Prince, in his infinite wisdom, missed mentioning a tiny detail. Not all great phones are about their chips or slick operating systems. Some, like the iconic Motorola RAZR V3, captivate us with sheer coolness. Despite its age and lack of a touchscreen, it remains a masterpiece.

And then, there’s the “banana” Nokia 8110. “Wake up, Neo…” Remember that one? Or the Sony Ericsson T610. Each one brimming with character, standing out in a sea of sameness.

So, aesthetics. They do matter, don’t they? Every year, phones get faster and stronger. But, they kinda start to blend into one another. I miss the days when I could spot a phone model from a block away. Now? Not so much, especially from the front.

Designers, listen up. We need more effort, more innovation. Even if you think today’s designs are peak beauty, change is inevitable. We gotta explore beyond plastic and glass. What’s next for materials, you ask?

Enter Motorola, with its wooden phone comeback. The Edge 50 Ultra just dropped, flaunting a wooden back. Not their first rodeo with wood, though. Remember the Moto X from a decade ago? Bamboo, walnut, ebony, teak… Fancy, right?

Pros of going wooden? It’s hot. Literally screams “NATURE!” Plus, it feels amazing in your hands. But, it’s not all sunshine. Wood can scratch, dent, or crack. And let’s not start on maintenance or how it reacts to heat.

Wireless charging worries? Nah, we’ve got that figured out with custom cases. But what’s beyond wood?

There’s the Carbon 1 Mk II, made of carbon fiber. Then there’s ceramic, bio-plastics, recycled materials, and metal alloys. Each with its own set of perks and quirks. And don’t get me started on aerogel. It’s like holding a cloud.

But hey, it’s Friday. Let’s get a bit wild. Porcelain phones? Lego backs? Shape memory alloys for the next-gen foldables? Feathers for that soft touch? Bubble wrap for the fidgeters? Or, a whetstone back for the chefs in a rush?

And, because why not, pizza. Imagine the aroma. But beware, it might attract some unwanted attention. (Yep, now I’m hungry.)

These ideas might sound out there, but that’s the point. It’s all about pushing boundaries, sparking creativity. So, what’s your crazy phone material idea? The smartphone world could definitely use a fresh concept or two, don’t you think?

Derrick Flynn
Derrick Flynn
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