Moto G64 vs Pixel 8a vs Galaxy A55: Who Wins the Mid-Range Smartphone Battle?

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  • The Moto G64 boasts a large 6,000mAh battery, 33W fast charging, and a 6.5-inch FHD+ display with a 120Hz refresh rate, positioning it as a strong contender in the mid-range smartphone market.
  • With an expected price of around $275, the Moto G64 is significantly cheaper than its potential competitors, the Pixel 8a and Galaxy A55, while still offering competitive specifications.
  • Despite its strengths, the Moto G64 may face challenges due to its limited software update promise of only one major Android update and potential weaknesses in camera performance compared to its rivals.
  • The Moto G64 introduces fresh color options and a lightweight design, but its plastic construction might not appeal to everyone compared to the more premium materials of some competitors.


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*Header image: the Moto G54 Power Edition*

Motorola‘s latest reveal, the Moto G64, has got everyone talking. It’s a mid-range device that seems to pack quite the punch with its hefty 6,000mAh battery and snappy charging. The screen? Bright, responsive, and just what you’d hope for. And the price point—set to debut in India—is surprisingly affordable at roughly $275. Makes you wonder, doesn’t it? Could this be the device that gives the yet-to-be-announced Pixel 8a and the fresh-off-the-press Galaxy A55 a run for their money? Is “mid-range killer” a title it’s about to earn? Let’s dive in.

**Moto G64: top aspects to get you all fired up**

“Unleashing the beast” is the banner under which the Moto G64 marches. It boasts a new upper mid-range chip, the Dimensity 7025, alongside that massive battery and promising charging capabilities—rumor has it, 33W fast charging is on the cards. The display is a dream for gamers: a 6.5-inch FHD+ screen with a 120Hz refresh rate and a 240Hz touch sampling rate. And with 12 gigs of RAM, multitasking should be a breeze. On paper, this phone is a steal for around $300.

**Moto G64 facing the Pixel 8a and the Galaxy A55**

Before we pit these devices against each other, let’s talk about why “mid-range killer” popped into my head. It’s a nod to the “flagship killer” concept—a phone that undercuts flagships on price without skimping on specs or performance. Given its expected price tag and specs, the Moto G64 could very well be setting its sights on being a mid-range marvel. It’s cheaper than the predicted prices for both the Pixel 8a and the Galaxy A55, which face a tough competitor in the Moto G64’s value proposition.

The Moto G64 is rumored to pack a Dimensity 7025 chip, an upgrade from the G54 Power Edition’s Dimensity 7020. We haven’t put the 7025 to the test against the A55 and the Pixel 7a, let alone the 8a, but we’re hopeful for a performance boost. However, don’t expect miracles. Performance isn’t everything, as real-life use can differ significantly from benchmark results. Our own Sebastian found the G45 Power a delight in day-to-day tasks, despite its modest benchmark scores.

**Battery life and charging: a closer look**

The Moto G64’s 6,000mAh battery is a standout feature, especially when compared to the Pixel 8a’s rumored 4,500mAh and the Galaxy A55’s 5,000mAh. For those of us who value battery life above almost everything else, this is a big win. And despite its power, the Moto G64 is touted as being both thin and light, weighing in at just 192g. Rumors also suggest it’ll support 33W fast charging, outpacing the Pixel 8a and Galaxy A55’s charging capabilities. Plus, the Moto includes a TurboPower charger in the box—a nice touch that competitors can’t claim.

**Design and aesthetics: a breath of fresh air**

Motorola seems to be stepping up its game in the design department. The Moto G64 will come in several eye-catching colors, a welcome change from the usual dark blue or black. It’s a move that puts it on par with the Galaxy A55 and the expected palette for the Pixel 8a. However, the Moto is likely to have a plastic build, which might not feel as premium as the Galaxy A55’s glass but is practical for those of us prone to dropping our phones.

**Potential drawbacks**

No phone is without its compromises, especially at this price point. One major area where the Moto G64 might lag is software updates. It’s rumored to come with just one major Android update and three years of security updates. In contrast, the Galaxy A55 promises four years of Android updates, and the Pixel 8a is rumored to have seven years of software support. Additionally, while the Moto G64’s camera specs sound promising, real-world performance remains to be seen. The G54 Power’s camera was decent under certain conditions, but it couldn’t quite compete with the Pixel or Galaxy in capturing realistic and beautiful photos.

**Moto G64 vs Galaxy A55 vs Pixel 8a specs compared**

It’s important to remember that while some specs for the Moto G64 are confirmed, others, especially those for the Pixel 8a, are still in rumor territory. The Moto G64 seems to offer a compelling package with its large display, powerful battery, and fast charging, all at a competitive price. However, its potential drawbacks, particularly in software support and camera performance, might not make it the clear “mid-range killer” some are hoping for.

**In conclusion**

The Moto G64 presents an exciting opportunity for those looking to get serious power without breaking the bank. While it may not completely outclass the Pixel and the Galaxy, its competitive pricing and strong feature set make it a contender worth considering. The smartphone market thrives on tough competition, and the Moto G64 is sure to stir the pot.

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