Motorola Edge 50 Pro Spotted on Certification Sites

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  • Motorola is preparing new handsets, spotted on certification sites such as the FCC, BIS, and IMEI, alongside new accessories including a wireless charger, wired charging adapter, and a new battery.
  • The Motorola Edge 50 series, potentially including models XT2403-1 to XT2403-6, was hinted at with model XT2403-2 supporting E-SIM and codenamed “Macan24” aligning with the Motorola Edge 50 Pro.
  • The Motorola Edge 50 Pro is expected to feature a 4500mAh battery, with certification listings indicating support for up to 125W wired charging and 50W wireless charging.
  • Comparing to its predecessor, the Motorola Edge 40 Pro, the upcoming Motorola Edge 50 Pro may follow a similar naming convention in the U.S., potentially being released as the Motorola Edge+ (2024).


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Oh, Motorola’s at it again. Word on the street (and by street, I mean 91mobiles) is they’ve got some fresh handsets cooking. They’ve been spotted lurking around multiple certification sites. We’re talking the FCC, the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS), and even the IMEI website.

But wait, there’s more. Not just phones, folks. Accessories and components were seen too. Imagine a wireless charger, a wired charging adapter, and a shiny new battery. All of this was spotted on TUV Rheinland. You know, the place that checks if stuff won’t suddenly go kaboom.

Now, onto the juicy bits. On the FCC website, some Motorola handsets were playing hide and seek. Their model numbers? XT2403-1, XT2403-2, XT2403-4, and XT2403-5. 91mobiles thinks these could be the Motorola Edge 50 series. Sounds fancy, right?

BIS site had a cameo of model numbers XT2403-1 and XT2431-1. So, 91mobiles is betting that models from XT2403-1 to XT2403-6 are all about the Motorola Edge 50/Edge 50 Pro. And guess what? XT2403-2 is all about that E-SIM life.

Now, let’s talk Motorola Edge 50 Pro. There’s a bit of a plot twist. On the IMEI website, XT2403-2 was strutting its stuff with the codename “Macan24.” Plot thickens because Evan Blass, a legend in the leaking game, tweeted that “Macan” is the secret handshake for the upcoming Motorola Edge 50 Pro. So, those models on the FCC and BIS? Probably just different flavors of the Edge 50 Pro.

And there’s more on the TUV Rheinland front. They’ve given the thumbs up to a 4500mAh battery expected to juice up the Motorola Edge 50 Pro. We’re talking fast wired charging at up to 125W and 50W wireless charging. The listings showed a 50W wireless charger (model MW-02) and wired chargers ranging from MC-1250 to MC-1258. Plus, the battery’s got a model number too – QM45.

Considering the Motorola Edge 40 Pro dropped in April 2023, it’s looking like the Edge 50 Pro might grace us this April. And a little birdie (or was it a website?) mentioned that in the U.S., the Edge 40 Pro was known as the Motorola Edge+ (2023). It came packed with a 5100mAh battery, 68W TurboPower charging, and 15W wireless charging. If Motorola sticks to the script, the Edge 50 Pro might just show up as the Motorola Edge+ (2024) in the U.S. With all these teasers, one can only hope it lives up to the hype.

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