Motorola Launches Ultra-Affordable 90Hz Phone with Capable Camera

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  • The Moto G04s is a budget-friendly smartphone with a recommended retail price of 119 euros, offering significant improvements over its predecessor, the Moto G04.
  • One of the key upgrades in the Moto G04s is the 50MP rear-facing camera with Quad Pixel technology, enhancing low-light sensitivity compared to the Moto G04’s 16MP camera.
  • The device features a 90Hz IPS LCD screen, a large 5,000mAh battery with 15W charging, and RAM Boost functionality for improved multitasking.
  • Despite its budget-friendly price, the Moto G04s runs Android 14, ensuring a smooth user experience, though its availability in the US is uncertain.


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So, what’s next after the Moto G04 in the vast Motorola Android family? You might think “Moto G05,” right? It’s a logical guess. And, who knows, maybe that’s on the horizon for next year.

But, wait up. For now, Motorola’s got something else for its budget-conscious fans. We’re talking about the Moto G04s, just dropped for certain markets. Think Europe, Latin America, the Middle East, Africa, and Asia.

Here’s the deal: the spec sheet of the Moto G04s differs from the G04 in one major way. But oh, it’s a biggie. This tweak makes the G04s a steal for just 119 euros.

While the G04 sports a humble 16MP rear camera, the G04s cranks it up. We’re talking a 50MP shooter with Quad Pixel tech. That means way better photos in low light. Impressive for a phone that’s so wallet-friendly, huh?

And there’s more under the hood. Despite its low price, the G04s boasts a 90Hz IPS LCD screen, a beefy 5,000mAh battery with 15W charging, and RAM Boost for multitasking. All this on a 6.56-inch display.

Sure, it’s not the fanciest phone material-wise. But with its matte finish and four colors – Satin Blue to Sunrise Orange – it’s got looks that could kill.

At its heart, a Unisoc T606 processor. No, it won’t break any speed records, especially against other budget phones. Yet, it runs Android 14 straight out of the box, promising a smooth experience.

Sadly, seeing this model in the US is as likely as the Knicks winning an NBA championship soon. Tough break, right?

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