Motorola Plans Major April 16 Event: International Edge 50 Family Launch Expected

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  • Motorola is actively launching new smartphones, including a high-end(ish) handset in India, an entry-level product, and a mid-range device, with the Moto G64 5G and other phones set to launch on April 16.
  • The company teased a new product launch with an “intelligence meets art” theme, hinting at the global expansion of the Edge 50 Pro and possibly introducing new members to the “Edge family,” including the 50 Ultra and 50 Fusion variants.
  • The Motorola Edge 50 Ultra is expected to feature a Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 processor, three 50MP rear-facing cameras, and a 5,000mAh battery with 125W charging, aiming to compete with flagship models like Samsung‘s Galaxy S24 Ultra.
  • While the Motorola Edge 50 Pro and other variants are launching in major European markets, their availability in the US remains uncertain, though there is speculation about their introduction under different names.


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Motorola’s been buzzing more than your morning alarm lately. Just last week, they dropped a new kinda-high-end phone in India. And bam! Yesterday, they hit us with news of an entry-level gadget. Plus, they’ve got a mid-ranger set to steal the spotlight next week.

But wait, there’s more. April 16 is shaping up to be a big day for them. They’re not just launching the Moto G64 5G. Nope. They’ve got a whole event planned. It’s all about mixing “intelligence and art.” Sounds fancy, huh?

This isn’t just some hush-hush meeting. Motorola spilled the beans on their global Twitter X. So, yeah, whatever they’re revealing is meant for everyone, everywhere. Not just for folks in one corner of the globe.

The teaser? It’s all mysterious and stuff. Shows off a phone decked out in what looks like vegan leather. But let’s be real. It’s not exactly a brain-buster to guess we’re talking about a new phone (or maybe phones).

Here’s a clue for ya. They’ve been throwing around this “intelligence meets art” line. Recently used it for the Edge 50 Pro in India. And now, they’re hyping up the “#edgefamily” hashtag. So, it’s pretty much a given. The Edge 50 Pro is about to take a world tour on April 16. And it’s bringing friends – maybe the 50 Ultra and 50 Fusion. Heck, there could even be a surprise guest.

So, what’s the scoop on the Edge 50 crew? The Ultra is the star of the show. It’s eyeballing Samsung’s Galaxy S24 Ultra. Packs a Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 chip, triple 50MP cameras, and a massive 5,000mAh battery. Oh, and it charges super fast.

The Fusion? It’s a bit more chill. Thinks a Snapdragon 6 Gen 1 is cool enough. Sports a 50MP main camera and a 13MP sidekick. Plus, it’s got a beefy battery too but takes it easy with 68W charging.

Now, the Pro isn’t playing coy. It’s out there. Launched in India, flaunting a Snapdragon 7 Gen 3, a trio of cameras, and zippy 125W charging. All starting at a price that doesn’t make your wallet weep.

Speaking of which, the Edge 50 Pro is already strutting its stuff in India. As for Europe, it’s probably getting the whole lineup soon. The US? That’s a bit of a mystery. But we’re betting the Ultra might show up as the next-gen Edge+. And the Pro? It could fly over as the new regular Edge.

Motorola might even be cooking up something special for the US. Maybe a new Edge that’s not Pro, Ultra, or Fusion. But hey, that’s just a guess for now.

Fingers crossed, the new Edges will be as wallet-friendly as their predecessors. And hey, who doesn’t love a good discount?

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