Motorola Unveils Budget-Friendly Gaming Smartphone for India

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  • Motorola is planning to launch a new phone in the Indian market, believed to be the Moto G64 5G, following the recent launch of the Edge 50 Pro.
  • The Moto G64 5G was spotted on Geekbench with a MediaTek Dimensity 7025 processor, 12GB RAM, and will run Android 14.
  • Leaked images suggest the Moto G64 5G will offer 256GB storage and be available in blue and green colors, with potential for other variants with less RAM and storage.
  • The rumored price for the Moto G64 5G in India is around Rs 15,000 ($180 / €165).


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Oh, Motorola’s at it again, huh? Just when we thought they were done after dropping the Edge 50 Pro last week, they’re teasing us with something new for the Indian market. They’re playing it coy, though, not even dropping a name. But, we’ve got our eyes on what’s likely the Moto G64 5G.

Now, here’s where it gets juicy. Around the same time Motorola started dropping hints, Evan Blass, that guy who seems to know everything before we do, leaked some pics. And yeah, they’re of the Moto G64 5G. So, it’s a pretty safe bet that’s what’s coming down the pipeline for India.

Oh, and Geekbench? They’ve thrown in their two cents, spotting the Moto G64 5G and giving us a sneak peek at its guts. We’re talking a MediaTek Dimensity 7025 processor and a whopping 12GB RAM. Plus, it’s running Android 14, but honestly, who’s surprised?

Now, for the deets on the Moto G64 5G itself. One of those leaked shots hints at a beefy 256GB storage. But, Motorola knows how we like our options, so expect some variants with maybe a bit less RAM and storage. Color-wise, they’re throwing us a curveball with at least blue and green. Fancy, right?

And the price? Word on the street is it’ll hover around Rs 15,000 ($180 / €165) in India. But hey, let’s not count our chickens before they hatch. We’ll get the full scoop once Motorola decides to spill the beans officially, which, fingers crossed, should be any day now.

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