Motorola Unveils Flexible Wrist-Worn Phone Concept at MWC

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  • The Royole FlexPai, showcased at CES 2019, was one of the first phones with the ability to bend and fold, paving the way for future foldable devices like the Galaxy Z Folds and OnePlus Opens.
  • Motorola is developing a concept phone, known as the Motorola Adaptive Display, which aims to function as both a phone and a smartwatch, building on their experience with iconic foldable phones like the Motorola Razr series.
  • The Motorola Adaptive Display concept features a back panel made of a soft mesh for comfortable wearability and uses magnets to secure the device around the wrist.
  • This concept device offers functionality similar to the Motorola Razr Plus’ cover display, allowing control over features and apps while the device is bent around the hand, despite its current limitations in bending and operation.


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Oh, remember the Royole FlexPai? Launched at CES 2019 by a not-so-famous company called Royale. It was one of those first-gen bendy phones. Honestly, it got tech heads all hyped up. But, let’s be real, it had its flaws. Big ones. So much so, the excitement fizzled out quicker than a soda left open overnight.

Yet, gotta give credit where it’s due. The FlexPai was a sneak peek into the future. A future where Galaxy Z Folds and OnePlus Opens are the new norm. Fast forward to today, and we’ve got another tale unfolding. This time, it’s from Motorola. They’ve thrown their hat into the ring at MWC in Barcelona.

Motorola’s not new to the foldable scene. They’ve already wowed us with the Motorola Razr and its 2023 sibling, the Razr Plus. But they’re pushing the envelope further. Imagine a device that’s both your phone and smartwatch. Wild, right? They’re calling it the Motorola Adaptive Display. Though, that’s more about the screen’s gymnastics than anything else.

We managed to snap some pics of this concept phone. And let me tell you, the back’s got this soft mesh thing going on. Makes “wearing” your phone kinda comfy. There’s also this clip we got, showing a Motorola rep demonstrating the phone’s flexibility.

The rep had this band around the wrist. It seemed to have magnets on the ends, keeping the phone snug as a bug on the wrist. But Motorola’s ambitions don’t stop at just making the phone wearable. The Motorola Adaptive Display is already flexing its muscles. It offers functionalities similar to what you’d find on the cover display of a Motorola Razr Plus. You can control apps and features, all while it’s wrapped around your wrist.

Now, don’t get too excited. The bending isn’t unlimited, and it’s a bit of a workout to twist and use at the moment. But hey, it’s a concept. Concepts are meant to be a bit out there, right?

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