New Google Calendar app for Wear OS introduces Tasks, Tiles, and Complications

What you should know

– Google has rolled out a Gmail app for Wear OS compatible with Pixel Watch 2 and existing smartwatches running Wear OS 3/3.5/4.
– Google is now rolling out the Google Calendar app for Wear OS, including Google Tasks integration.
– The Google Calendar app for Wear OS offers a similar experience to the “Schedule” view on phones, allowing users to view event details, respond to event invites, and delete or open events on their phone.
– The app also offers Google Tasks integration, where tasks appear mixed in with events and can be marked as complete, opened on the phone, or deleted.
– The app does not allow users to create events or tasks from their smartwatch, but this may be addressed in the future.

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Google recently released the Gmail app for Wear OS, and now they have followed up with the Google Calendar app. The app, simply called “Calendar,” allows users to view their events and respond to event invites directly on their smartwatch. It also offers integration with Google Tasks, so tasks will appear mixed in with events, color coded to match the user’s calendar preferences.

The Google Calendar app for Wear OS provides a similar experience to the “Schedule” view on phones. Users can select an event and view all its details, including the specific calendar it is saved to. They can also delete events or open them on their phone for more interaction. Special events like birthdays and national holidays will have corresponding background images.

One useful feature of the app is the ability to see how far the calendar is synced, displayed at the bottom of the app. There are also new Tiles for “Next event” and “Next tasks,” providing quick access to upcoming entries. However, it’s important to note that the app currently does not allow users to create events or tasks from their smartwatch.

Despite this limitation, the release of the Google Calendar app for Wear OS is seen as a positive step forward. With integration with Google Tasks and the ability to manage events directly on their smartwatch, users have greater convenience and access to their calendar on the go. Hopefully, in future updates, Google will address the limitation and allow for event and task creation from the smartwatch as well.

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