New iPhone 15 Ad Highlights Cool Check In Feature

What you should know

  • One of the new features of iOS 17 is “Check In”, which sends a notification to selected contacts when the user arrives at a pre-determined destination.
  • The feature is designed to provide peace of mind for loved ones who may be worried about the user’s safety during their journey.
  • Apple is promoting “Check In” with an ad for the iPhone 15, which depicts a father receiving a notification that his daughter has arrived safely at school.
  • The “Check In” feature can be set up within the Messages app and can be used for journeys by car, mass transit, or on foot.

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iOS 17’s got this super cool feature, “Check In”. It’s designed to keep your folks or buddies in the loop when you hit a pre-set destination.

Back in September, we broke down how to get this thing up and running. It’s all about giving some peace of mind to anyone who’s got a loved one on the move and is a bit on edge about them getting to their destination safe and sound.

Now Apple’s putting “Check In” in the spotlight with their latest ad for the iPhone 15. They’ve titled the ad “Check In/New Driver”.

As Aloe Blacc’s “Goodbye” sets the mood, we see a dad, nerves all over the place, watching his daughter. She’s probably just got her driver’s license. She’s backing out of a long driveway, ends up running over a skateboard and smacks into a trash can. The road’s littered with the can’s contents.

The dad’s face is a picture of worry. He’s not sure if his daughter can drive safely to her school, her destination.

Then, out of the blue, the dad’s iPhone dings. He’s quick to grab it. He looks at the screen and sees a notification, “Megan. Check In: Arrived at school.” The dad breathes a sigh of relief. His daughter made it to her classes safely. The ad’s taglines are “Check in automatically. Relax, it’s iPhone.”

It’s a handy feature for anyone who’s a bit jittery, like parents, friends, or other family members. We showed how to use it about four months back. We even set it up for a drive to Boston’s famous Fenway Park.

The setup starts in the Messages app. It works for car travel, mass transit, or even walking. Once you’ve got it going, “Check In” will automatically send a notification to the people you’ve chosen when you’ve reached your destination.

The 30-second ad? Chances are you’ll see it during this weekend’s NFL playoff games, NBA and college basketball, and top-rated TV shows.

Derrick Flynn
Derrick Flynn
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