Nintendo Emulator Launches on First iPhone App Store Competitor

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  • The European Commission’s antitrust legislation requires Apple to open its iOS platform to third-party solutions, including alternative app stores, in the iOS 17.4 update.
  • AltStore PAL, the first official third-party app store competitor in Europe, offers features and apps that Apple’s App Store would not, such as console emulators and a clipboard copy manager.
  • AltStore PAL charges a small fee of €1.50 plus VAT to cover Apple’s Core Technology Fee, making it a relatively affordable option for accessing third-party apps and services on iPhones and iPads.
  • The introduction of AltStore PAL and similar platforms could significantly impact the app ecosystem in Europe, offering more freedom and choices to iPhone users beyond Apple’s walled garden.


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Oh boy, the European Commission has really thrown a wrench into Apple’s well-oiled machine. They’re making Apple open up its iOS 17.4 update to third-party solutions. Imagine that! Now, users aren’t just stuck with Safari or the other default apps Apple’s been pushing since, well, forever.

And it’s not just about choosing a different browser. Apple’s entire App Store experience is getting a makeover. But, here’s the kicker – if you leave Europe, you’ve got a month to enjoy the freedom before Apple hits you with the “privacy and security” freeze. Classic Apple, right?

Now, onto AltStore PAL. Apple’s been scaring folks with all these privacy and security warnings, trying to keep them from installing it. But guess what? Once you get past those, you’re in for a treat. AltStore PAL is like the wild west of app stores on your iPhone or iPad. Console emulators, anyone?

But it’s not just about playing old-school Nintendo games on your phone. The folks behind AltStore PAL are championing the little guys – the indie developers, the high schoolers with big dreams, and the startups racing against the clock. They’re all about breaking down barriers and spicing up the tech scene.

Speaking of spicing things up, AltStore PAL’s got Delta. Yep, a Nintendo emulator that lets you dive into the classics – Game Boy, Nintendo DS, you name it. And then there’s Clip, a clipboard manager Apple wouldn’t touch with a ten-foot pole. Delta’s free outside Europe, but Clip? That’ll cost ya a bit.

Now, installing AltStore PAL on your iPhone doesn’t require any jailbreaking gymnastics. But, there’s a catch – a €1.50 fee plus VAT, thanks to Apple’s Core Technology Fee. A small price for a slice of freedom, but will Europe bite?

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