Norway: 60% Anticipate More AI Features in Next Phone Purchase

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  • Norwegians are highly optimistic about the integration of AI in smartphones, with 60% expecting their next smartphone to have more AI features.
  • The Samsung Galaxy S24 series, known for its AI-driven functionalities like real-time phone call translations and ‘Circle to Search with Google’, is a significant factor in the growing interest in AI among Norwegians.
  • There is a strong desire for more AI knowledge among Norwegians, with 75% feeling they need to understand AI mechanisms better and 86% having never received formal AI education.
  • Young Norwegians are particularly eager to use AI features, indicating a generational shift towards embracing AI technology in everyday devices.


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So, Samsung’s got this division in Norway, right? They decided to poke around and see how folks feel about AI. Turns out, Norwegians are pretty much on board with the whole AI wave. They’re not just dipping their toes; they’re ready to dive in.

Expectations? Through the roof. Imagine this: three out of five Norwegians are sitting there, thinking, “My next phone better be smarter than me.” And the younger crowd? They’re like, “Give us AI, and give it to us yesterday.”

Samsung Norway spilled the beans in a blog post. They got Norstat to do some digging early in the year, on their behalf. The gist? People are psyched about AI.

Now, why this sudden love affair with AI in Norway? Enter the Galaxy S24 series. These gadgets are not just phones; they’re like your smarter, cooler friend who knows everything. Even Amdal, the big boss at Samsung Norway, can’t stop talking about how AI’s been on a wild ride this past year. It’s a whole new world, folks.

Take the Galaxy S24, for example. It’s not just a phone; it’s practically a Babel fish. Real-time call translations? Check. Want to Google something you saw but don’t know what to call it? Just circle it, and bam, you’re searching with Google without typing a word.

And guess what? This Circle to Search thing is catching on like wildfire.

But hold your horses. Despite all the excitement, Norwegians are also scratching their heads. They’re keen as mustard but realize they don’t know much about how AI ticks. Almost 80% are saying, “We need to hit the books on AI.” And get this: nearly 90% have never had any formal AI education. Talk about eager beavers wanting to learn.

So, what’s the takeaway from all this? Well, 60% are daydreaming about their next AI-packed smartphone. About 37% are already on board, ready to use AI features if they had them. A whopping 75% admit they need to up their AI game to get what’s going on behind the scenes. And a staggering 86% have never been in an AI class.

It’s a wild, wild world of AI out there, and Norwegians are ready to ride the wave. But first, maybe a quick pit stop at the library. Or, you know, an AI tutorial.

Derrick Flynn
Derrick Flynn
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