Notable Apple Doyen Set to Leave Cupertino This Month

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  • Saori Casey, a long-time Apple veteran and vice president of finance, is set to depart from the company before the end of the month.
  • Casey will be taking a high-profile job at Sonos company, replacing current CFO Eddie Lazarus.
  • This departure is seen as another high-profile defection for Apple, following the exits of other key figures such as Steve Hotelling and Tang Tan.
  • Peter Russell-Clarke, who has worked at Apple for nearly 20 years and has his name on over 1,000 Apple patents, left his role in October to join space technology company Vast.

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“New Year, new me!” – some folks take this to heart, even going as far as quitting their long-standing job in January. But this isn’t the case for everyone. Especially not for those working at economic powerhouses like Apple, Google, or Amazon. These guys plan things way ahead.

Take Saori Casey, for instance. She’s the latest Apple veteran to wave goodbye to Cupertino, as reported by Bloomberg. She’s set to leave before the month’s end. Casey’s been with Apple for over a dozen years, currently holding the position of vice president of finance.

Casey’s role? She’s CFO Luca Maestriā€™s right-hand woman, overseeing financial planning, forecasting, and investor relations. But her experience extends beyond Apple. She also spent 15 years at Cisco Systems Inc., handling various finance roles.

Now, she’s off to Sonos (you know, the company that makes those cool smart speakers?). She’s stepping in to replace current CFO Eddie Lazarus. The report calls this “another high-profile defection for the iPhone maker”. And it’s not without reason.

Remember our chat a month ago? We talked about the exodus of pros from Apple. Steve Hotelling was the first to jump ship. He was the brains behind iPhone features like multi-touch, Touch ID, Face ID, and the upcoming Vision Pro device.

Then, whispers started circulating that Tang Tan might be stepping down in the early weeks of 2024. Tan’s the executive leading product design for the iPhone and the Apple Watch.

And then there’s Peter Russell-Clarke. He’s been with Apple for nearly 20 years. According to the report, he left his role in October and is now with space technology company Vast.

Russell-Clarke might not ring a bell for the average Apple user. But he’s been instrumental in the design of several Apple products. We’re talking iMac, iPod nano, MacBook Pro, and MacBook Air. He also played a role in the development of numerous iPhone and iPad models. His name is listed on more than 1,000 Apple patents. Quite the legacy, huh?

Derrick Flynn
Derrick Flynn
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