Opportunity for Apple to Boost iPhone Accessories Business

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– 70% of iPhone users purchase a case for the device
Apple has a small share of the case market and mainly offers third-party screen protectors
– The next accessory in demand for iPhone users is a smartwatch, with 42% owning one
– Only 31% of iPhone users buy a warranty for their handset

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iPhone ownership goes beyond simply purchasing the device; it involves protecting the investment. According to data from Consumer Intelligence Research Partners (CIRP), 70% of iPhone users buy cases, and 60% use screen protectors. While Apple prides itself on its design, seeing users hide their phones in cases may be frustrating. CIRP aptly compares it to covering a new iPhone with plastic slip-covers like protecting grandma’s sofa. Despite this, Apple holds a small market share of the case industry and only offers third-party screen protectors. This presents an attractive opportunity for Apple to expand its accessories line.

After cases and screen protectors, the next popular accessory for iPhone users is the smartwatch, with 42% of users opting for a connected timepiece on their wrists. Considering the success of the Apple Watch, Apple has little to do to increase its market presence. Similarly, with AirPods being the most popular wireless earbuds, Apple has a solid foothold in the market. However, only 37% of iPhone users own a wireless headset, presenting an opportunity for Apple to further penetrate the wearables market. One potential strategy for Apple could be adjusting pricing to encourage more users to invest in Apple Watch and AirPods.

Warranty purchases for iPhones remain relatively low, with only 31% of users opting for AppleCare+. Apple might need to do more to increase this percentage. Additionally, 24% of iPhone users own a smart speaker, with Apple’s HomePod being their entry in this market. This number is higher than expected, and Apple should focus on other accessories with higher demand. The last accessory on CIRP’s chart is wired headsets, which are owned by 16% of iPhone users. These headsets are an affordable alternative to AirPods.

Apple needs to acknowledge that not all consumers can afford to invest in additional accessories after purchasing an iPhone. Lowering prices or offering phone and accessory bundles at discounted rates could benefit Apple in the long run. Expanding its offerings and understanding consumer needs are crucial for Apple to continue its success in the accessories market.

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