Original Pixel Watch Charging Time Increased After Recent Change

What you should know

– Google increased the charging times for the first-generation Pixel Watch in a firmware update
– The new charging times are longer, with estimates of 45 minutes to go from 0% to 50%, 75 minutes to go from 0% to 80%, and 110 minutes to go from 0% to 100%
– The increased charging times may be due to the release of the Pixel Watch 2, which has a newer processor and larger battery
– Thermal concerns after a full charging session and user complaints may have also prompted the firmware update.

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Google recently made a surprising update to the charging speeds of the first-generation Pixel Watch. As reported by 9to5Google, the company quietly modified the device’s support page to reflect the new charging times. When questioned about the change, Google stated that “a firmware update for Google Pixel Watches required us to review the charging times, the new times are what the average user will experience.” This means that if you own the original Pixel Watch, you may have noticed that it now takes longer to charge.

The charging times have increased by at least 15 minutes compared to when the watch was initially released. It now takes 45 minutes to go from 0% to 50%, 75 minutes to go from 0% to 80%, and 110 minutes to go from 0% to 100%. However, these times are estimated and can vary depending on factors such as the ambient temperature and battery condition.

While Google has not provided a clear explanation for the increased charging times, there are a few possibilities. One theory is that these changes were made in response to the release of the Pixel Watch 2. The newer model features a more advanced processor, a slightly larger battery, and a new magnetic charging puck with a pin mechanism instead of relying solely on magnets. Google claims the Pixel Watch 2 lasts longer between charges, and it’s possible that this assessment was made during testing.

Another possibility is that thermal concerns played a role. Many Pixel Watch owners have reported that their devices become warm during charging, prompting them to wait a minute or two before wearing it. Additionally, there have been complaints about the backplate glue coming undone. These user reports may have led Google to make firmware changes to address these issues, inadvertently resulting in longer charging times.

While the exact reason for the increased charging speeds remains unknown, it’s clear that Pixel Watch owners will now need to wait a bit longer for their devices to reach full battery life. Hopefully, future software updates or improvements in charging technology will help mitigate this inconvenience.

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