Parents Advised by Police to Disable New iPhone Feature for Kids

What you should know

  • A local police division in Ohio is warning parents about a new iPhone feature called “NameDrop” that allows two iPhones to exchange contact information by holding them close together and tapping on the screen.
  • The feature was automatically enabled after the update to iOS 17.1, and the police are advising parents to disable it on their children’s iPhones to prevent them from unknowingly sharing their contact information.
  • Despite concerns, some iPhone users have pointed out that the feature requires user input and does not automatically exchange personal contact information.
  • To disable the “NameDrop” feature, users can go to Settings > General > AirDrop > Bringing Devices Together and turn off the toggle switch.

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An Ohio police division has issued a warning about a new iPhone feature. This feature, known as “NameDrop”, was automatically enabled with the iOS 17.1 update earlier this year.

The “NameDrop” feature allows two iPhones to exchange contact details. This includes phone numbers and pictures. The process involves holding the displays of two iPhones a few centimeters apart, then tapping the screen.

The Middleton Police Division is advising parents to disable this feature on their children’s iPhones. The aim is to prevent them from inadvertently sharing their contact details. To disable “NameDrop”, navigate to Settings > General > AirDrop > Bringing Devices Together and turn off the toggle switch.

Warnings about “NameDrop” aren’t just coming from Ohio. Police in Watertown, Connecticut also issued a Facebook warning. Some parents responded, admitting they were unaware of the feature despite recently updating their kids’ iPhones.

However, some iPhone users pointed out that the feature isn’t entirely automatic. Users need to actively choose to share their contact information. An official Apple video explains the process in detail.

Despite this, it’s still recommended to disable the feature on children’s iPhones. The process of sharing from iPhone to iPhone or Apple Watch involves holding the devices close together. When sharing from Apple Watch to another, the Contacts app needs to be opened and the sharing process initiated.

Both devices will glow and the Apple Watch will vibrate to signal a connection. The devices must be held together until “NameDrop” appears on both screens. Users can then choose to share their contact card, receive the other person’s, or only receive the other person’s. To cancel the process, simply move the devices apart or lock the iPhone before the transfer completes.

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