Persistent iPhone Alarm Rings at 9:25 AM Daily for Five Years, Cannot Be Disabled

What you should know

  • Angele Sofia, a TikTok user, has been experiencing a bug on her iPhone where an alarm goes off every morning at 9:25 am, and it doesn’t appear in the clock app for her to disable it.
  • Several TikTok users suggested various solutions to her problem, including setting and then disabling an alarm for the same time, asking Siri to disable all alarms, and checking her calendar app for an all-day reminder with an alert.
  • The bug has persisted over the last four or five years across three different iPhones. Sofia has tried many of the suggested solutions but has avoided performing a factory reset, as she doesn’t want to lose her data.
  • Despite her reluctance, it seems that a factory reset might be the only solution left, especially since she has contacted Apple and they have been unable to solve the problem.

Full Story

Angele Sofia, a TikTok user, has a peculiar issue with her iPhone. Every morning, like clockwork, an alarm rings at 9:25 am. The alarm doesn’t show up in the clock app, making it impossible to disable. If the phone is not muted, it rings once every morning. If muted, a notification pops up instead.

Interestingly, iPhones are designed to ring alarms even when muted. Fellow TikTokers have tried to help Sofia. Some suggested setting an alarm for the same time and then disabling it. Others advised asking Siri to disable all alarms. A few even recommended checking the calendar app for an all-day reminder with an alert.

Sofia has tried most of these suggestions, all except one. The most drastic measure, a factory reset, is something she’s been avoiding. She would have to start from scratch, setting up the phone as if it were new. This might solve the problem, but Sofia isn’t ready to take that step.

She doesn’t find the 9:25 am alarm annoying enough to warrant wiping all her data. In her words, “If I factory reset, the alarm wins.” This issue has persisted for four or five years, spanning three different phones. It’s an odd problem, but since it’s recurring across devices, a factory reset seems to be the solution.

Sofia’s reluctance to factory reset is understandable. Setting up a device from scratch can be a hassle. Most of us would probably seek other solutions before resorting to wiping our phones. However, given the extent of her complaints on TikTok, a factory reset might be her best bet.

She’s even reached out to Apple for help, but to no avail. With no other options left, backing up her phone and starting over might be the only way out.

Derrick Flynn
Derrick Flynn
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