Pixel Fold Bug Hampers Usability

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  • The main issue with sticky scrolling on the Pixel Fold is that it disrupts scrolling inertia, meaning the screen only scrolls when the user’s finger is moving the content, stopping once the finger is lifted.
  • Both the original and a refurbished replacement unit of the Pixel Fold experienced the sticky scrolling issue, indicating it’s a widespread problem not solved by hardware replacement.
  • A temporary fix involves turning the screen off and then back on, but this solution is not satisfactory as the problem reoccurs, sometimes within seconds.
  • There is a growing sentiment among Pixel Fold users expressing regret over their purchase, comparing it unfavorably to the Galaxy Z Fold 5, and emphasizing the need for Google to urgently address and fix the scrolling issue.


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Sticky scrolling. Ugh, right? It’s like you’re trying to glide through your favorite articles or social feeds, and bam, the smooth sailing comes to a crashing halt. That’s the headache some folks with certain phones are dealing with. Specifically, we’re talking about a glitch where the scrolling just gives up the ghost once your finger lifts off the screen. No more coasting; it’s all stop-and-go from there.

Now, imagine you’re chilling, scrolling through your feed, and this happens. Annoying, isn’t it? Rahman, a name you might’ve stumbled upon on the “X” platform, showcased this exact predicament. He shared a clip – shoutout to tech journo Zac Bowden for the footage – highlighting how even his Pixel Fold, and a replacement unit, weren’t immune to this sticky situation. Talk about bad luck, huh?

Bowden didn’t just sit there, though. Nope, he went full tech-ninja, trying everything from a factory reset to manually updating to Android 14. Did it work? Nah. The scroll was still as sticky as a melted candy bar on a hot car seat.

And it’s not just Rahman and Bowden in this sticky boat. A quick dive into the Pixel Fold community, and you’ll see it’s a bit of a mess. Folks are chatting about how the inner display’s scroll feels off, especially with the latest Android 14 updates. Some are even sharing their woes on Twitter, hoping for a miracle.

Speaking of miracles, someone did find a sorta-fix. It’s more of a band-aid, really. You press the power button, screen goes off, turn it back on, and voila, it’s temporarily fixed. But, like a bad sitcom rerun, the problem comes back. Sometimes in less time than it takes to make a cup of coffee.

Pixel Fold owners are in a bit of a bind. They’re caught between a rock and a hard place, eyeing the Galaxy Z Fold 5 with a mix of envy and regret. It’s been months, and the sticky scroll saga continues. It’s like a bad dream they can’t wake up from.

Google, the ball’s in your court. Mountain View needs to turn into a fortress of solitude. Phones off, coffee on, and maybe some epic brainstorming music. It’s time to hunker down and find a fix before this turns into a full-blown PR nightmare.

Once they crack it, they better shout it from the rooftops. Pixel Fold users, who’ve shelled out a pretty penny (we’re talking $1,799 and up), deserve to know ASAP. They’ve waited long enough, don’t you think?

And, oh, about that script tag at the end? Just a little web magic to keep things interesting.

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