Pixel Users Encounter Recurring Storage Bug from October

What you should know

  • The January 2024 Google Play system update has seemingly brought back a storage bug that affected Pixel devices running Android 14.
  • The bug symptoms include the camera app failing to open, the Files app displaying an empty screen, disappearing screenshots, and decreasing storage space despite having plenty of free space.
  • Many users have reported their frustrations on Reddit, with some describing their phone as “completely useless” due to the inability to download new content or save screenshots.
  • Google has not yet acknowledged the issue, but Pixel users are hopeful that a resolution will be provided soon. Until then, it is advised to hold off on applying the January 2024 Google Play system update.

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Pixel users are at it again. They’re dealing with the same old story of nasty bugs affecting their devices. If you’re one of them, you might remember that storage issue from October 2023, right? Well, it’s back.

This time, it’s the January 2024 Google Play system update that’s the culprit. It’s like a ghost from the past, bringing back a problem that everyone thought was long gone. It’s a real downer, especially since folks were just starting to get over the last storage access nightmare.

The bug is just like the one from a few months ago. Pixel devices running Android 14 are having the same old storage issues. And what’s the deal? The same annoying glitches. The camera app won’t open, the Files app shows a blank screen, screenshots vanish into thin air, and the available storage space shrinks for no reason.

Meanwhile, Reddit is blowing up with frustrated users. One user on the Pixel community said, “The phone can’t seem to remember where it put its own data.” Photos, music, documents – all gone. Another user vented, “The phone is completely useless.” They couldn’t download new content or save screenshots. It’s a big problem, no doubt.

Google hasn’t said a word about the issue yet. But we’re all hoping they’ll fix the bug soon, like they did last time. Right now, Pixel users are stuck in limbo. They’re discussing potential fixes and hoping against hope that Google will sort this out.

If you haven’t updated to the January 2024 Google Play system yet, you might want to hold off. At least until Google releases a bug fix. This problem seems to only affect Pixel phones that use multiple profiles. But better safe than sorry, right? It’s best to avoid the update until we know for sure that the issue is being addressed.

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