Pixel Watch Users to Get Simplified App Permission Sync with Phones

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  • Google is preparing a new feature for Pixel Watch users that will allow automatic syncing of app permissions between their phone and smartwatch, enhancing the user experience.
  • The feature was discovered in the Pixel Watch companion app’s code, indicating that app permissions set on the phone can be automatically mirrored on the watch.
  • Although there’s no official release date, the presence of this feature in the code suggests Google is actively working on it, potentially rolling it out with an upcoming Pixel Watch companion app update or in a future Android update.
  • This improvement is seen as a significant quality-of-life upgrade for Pixel Watch users, simplifying the management of app permissions and making the smartwatch usage smoother.


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Oh boy, Pixel Watch users, are we in for a treat! Google’s cooking up something that’s gonna make our lives a whole lot easier. You see, there’s this nifty new feature on the horizon. It’s all about making our watch experience smoother than ever.

So, here’s the scoop. The folks over at Google have been tinkering with the Pixel Watch companion app. And guess what? They’ve dropped some pretty big hints that soon, we won’t have to mess around with app permissions on our watches like we used to. You know, all that tedious stuff like allowing access to our contacts, location, or camera.

Honestly, keeping track of permissions on both the phone and watch has been a bit of a pain. But, it looks like Google’s got our backs on this one. They’ve found a way to cut down on the hassle. A sneaky little switch was discovered in the latest app versions, thanks to some detective work by the Google News Telegram channel and a nod from Android code guru Mishaal Rahman. This magic switch? It’s all about syncing app permissions automatically.

Once this baby’s turned on, your watch will just mirror the permissions you’ve already set up on your phone. How cool is that?

Now, let’s talk about where this hidden gem was found. Buried in the code of the companion app, this feature was chilling, waiting to be discovered. And when it’s switched on, voila! A new setting pops up saying, “Sync permissions from phone.” Couldn’t be clearer, right? “Give your watch the same app permissions that you’ve allowed on this phone.” But, hold your horses; it’s not ready for the masses just yet. This little secret made its debut in Android 14 QPR1 Beta 2, spotted by Rahman.

As for when we’ll get our hands on it, that’s still up in the air. No official release date yet. But, the fact that it’s lurking in the code is a pretty good sign that Google’s on the job. We might see it in a future Pixel Watch app update, or maybe it’ll be part of a bigger Android update down the line. Who knows, maybe Android 15?

Let’s talk real talk for a sec. This feature? It’s a game-changer. No more fiddling with app permissions on your Pixel Watch. As someone who’s part of the Pixel Watch gang, I’m all in for making life easier. This is the kind of upgrade that makes you appreciate the little things, making the smartwatch experience just that much better.

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