Pixels to Stop Truncating App Names in Launcher and Search Soon

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  • Google Pixel smartphones’ default home screen, Pixel Launcher, truncates app names in the app drawer, which can be frustrating for users.
  • An upcoming change in Android 15 will introduce a “show long app names” option, allowing app names to be displayed on two lines in search results and the app list.
  • This new feature was discovered in the Android 15 Beta code, indicating a solution for users who prefer to see full app names.
  • The ability to display long app names on two lines will make it easier for users to identify apps at a glance, improving the user experience on Pixel devices.


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Google Pixel smartphones? They’re pretty slick. They come with this thing called the Pixel Launcher. It’s the default screen thingy that shows you Google’s dream of what Android should be. But, oh boy, it’s got this quirk. A real head-scratcher. It chops off app names in the app drawer. Imagine wanting to see the whole name but getting just a tease. Frustrating, right?

Good news, though! There’s a whisper of a fix on the wind. Right now, the Pixel Launcher plays it safe by trimming app names. Why? To keep everything looking tidy on your screen. But here’s the kicker: it doesn’t even let names spill over into a second line. Would’ve been a simple fix, huh? Instead, we get names like “Play Sto…” instead of “Play Store.” If you’re anything like me, that’s like waving a red flag at your OCD bull.

But hold up—there’s a scoop from Android guru Mishaal Rahman (shoutout to Android Authority for the deets). Android 15 might just be our hero, bringing in a two-line label for those of us who crave the full monty of app names. Other launchers, like Moto G’s myUX and Samsung‘s One UI, have been on this bandwagon. Though I’ve heard whispers that One UI 6 might be shaking things up.

Digging through the Android 15 Beta code revealed a hidden gem. A toggle in the Pixel Launcher settings labeled “show long app names.” It’s as straightforward as it sounds. Flip that switch, and voila! Your app names will stretch their legs across two lines in search results and the app drawer. No more squinting or guessing games.

This “Show long app names” toggle is a game-changer. Credit to Android Authority for the heads-up. It’s a small tweak, sure, but for Pixel users who’ve been griping about those clipped names? It’s a big deal. Finally, you can spot the app you need without playing a guessing game. It’s not just a win for clarity—it’s a win for aesthetics, too.

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