Refurbished Apple Watch Series 9 & Ultra 2 Models Coming Soon to US

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  • Refurbished versions of the Apple Watch Series 9 and Apple Watch Ultra 2 are expected to be available soon, as indicated by their greyed-out names on the Refurbished Apple Watch website.
  • Due to an exclusion order by the International Trade Commission (ITC) for infringing on Masimo’s patents, refurbished Apple Watch Series 9 and Apple Watch Ultra 2 sold in the U.S. will not have a working pulse oximeter feature.
  • Masimo discovered that the pulse oximeter feature could be reactivated on impacted Apple Watches paired with a jailbroken iPhone, suggesting a potential for reactivation of the feature in the future if Apple and Masimo settle or after the exclusion order ends in 2028.
  • Refurbished Apple Watch models sold in countries outside the U.S. are not affected by the exclusion order and will include a working pulse oximeter, unlike their U.S. counterparts.


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Fancy snagging an Apple Watch Series 9 or an Ultra 2 without breaking the bank? Well, you might wanna swing by the Refurbished Apple Watch site. They’ve got a list that’s teasing us with the Series 9 and Ultra 2 – both are greyed out, whispering “soon” in our ears. But for now? It’s just the Apple Watch SE waving at us, ready to jump into our shopping carts.

Oh, and here’s a curveball – thanks to a tiff with the International Trade Commission (ITC), those shiny refurbished Series 9 and Ultra 2 watches won’t have their pulse oximeters on. Yup, that handy dandy sensor that checks if your blood’s oxygen levels are all good? Nada. This is because of a patent squabble with a company called Masimo. So, if you’ve got COPD, asthma, or any of those conditions that need monitoring, this is a heads-up.

So, what’s the deal with this exclusion order? Well, it’s like a big “Nope” from the ITC to Apple, telling them they can’t bring in or sell any Series 9 or Ultra 2 watches in the States if they’ve got that pulse oximeter feature switched on. This goes for both the brand-spanking-new and the refurbished ones. Oh, and Apple had to stop selling the refurbished Series 7 and 8 models too. Talk about a bummer.

Now, here’s a spicy tidbit: Masimo wasn’t too thrilled when they found out the pulse oximeter could be sneakily turned back on. All it took was pairing the watch with a jailbroken iPhone running an old iOS version. Sneaky, right? This little loophole means there’s a glimmer of hope. If Apple and Masimo kiss and make up, or when 2028 rolls around and the exclusion order lifts, that pulse oximeter could come back to life with just a software update.

Meanwhile, across the pond and in a few other spots like China, Ireland, and Japan, the first-gen Apple Watch Ultra is living its best life, refurbished and all. And guess what? Those places don’t have the exclusion order hanging over them, so yes, their refurbished watches come with the pulse oximeter feature intact.

For those of you stateside itching for a Series 9 or Ultra 2 with a working pulse oximeter, don’t lose hope. Best Buy’s still got some in stock. They’re totally legit and above board, selling them until they run out. So, maybe it’s time for a quick shopping trip?

Derrick Flynn
Derrick Flynn
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