Rumored Apple move means end of Touch ID on iPhone

What you should know

  • Rumored iPhone SE 4 to use design language of iPhone 14 and feature Face ID instead of Touch ID
  • Apple has shut down production of chips used for iPhone fingerprint authentication, indicating the end of Touch ID on iPhones
  • Apple’s purchase of Authentec in 2012 led to the debut of Touch ID on iPhone 5s, but the TrueDepth Camera in 2017 made facial recognition a viable alternative
  • The only way Touch ID could still be used on iPhones is if it is placed under the display, and eventually, iPad models that use Touch ID may also feature Face ID

Full Story

Rumors around the iPhone SE 4 suggest that it will adopt the design language of the iPhone 14, marking the first time a budget version of the iPhone will feature Face ID instead of Touch ID. A Weibo user who claims to be an Integrated Circuit expert shared that Apple has ceased the production of the chips used for iPhone’s fingerprint authentication, signaling the end of Touch ID on the iPhone as we know it.

It remains to be seen whether Apple will opt for Face ID under the display, or if it will offer both Face ID and Touch ID under the glass. However, the iconic home button for unlocking an iPhone may soon be a thing of the past. Apple’s acquisition of Authentec in 2012 paved the way for the introduction of Touch ID on the iPhone 5s home button in 2013, making it the first reliable fingerprint scanner on a smartphone. The launch of the TrueDepth Camera in 2017 with the iPhone X further solidified facial recognition as a secure method for authentication, surpassing the need for Touch ID.

While there were talks about introducing both Face ID and Touch ID on the iPhone, it seems that the only feasible option might be to integrate them under the display. Additionally, if Apple is indeed discontinuing the production of chips necessary for Touch ID, it is possible that iPad models featuring Touch ID could soon transition to Face ID. However, the question remains whether an under-display version of Touch ID will also be developed.

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