Rumored iPhone 16 Capture Button May Offer New Photography Controls

What you should know

  • The iPhone 16 series is rumored to debut in September this year with a new feature, a Capture button, which could incorporate zoom and focus controls.
  • The Capture button is speculated to be both pressure and touch-sensitive, with a light press for focusing and a firm press for image capture or recording.
  • Apple‘s design for the Capture button suggests that users won’t have to leave the button to adjust zoom levels, potentially offering a more convenient experience.
  • Along with the Capture button, Apple might also introduce a tetraprism telephoto lens for the iPhone 16 Pro and Pro Max, and the non-Pro models could come with additional RAM and a Wi-Fi upgrade.

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So, the iPhone 16 series? Yeah, it’s still a ways off. We’re looking at a September debut this year. But, you know how it goes, rumors are already buzzing around. One such whisper talks about a new button, the so-called Capture button, as Apple insiders have named it. Its purpose was a bit of a mystery, but a recent rumor might have cleared things up a bit.

The Information (via Apple Insider) reported on this. The rumor suggests that this new button might have zoom and focus controls. People in the know about the iPhone 16 development say that this Capture button isn’t just your run-of-the-mill mechanical button. Nope, it’s touch-sensitive too. You could swipe to adjust zoom levels, and a half-press would focus the shot.

Here’s the kicker. The iPhone 16 Capture button is rumored to be both pressure and touch-sensitive. This opens up a few more features. A light press for focusing, while a firm one captures the image or starts recording. Neat, huh?

And get this, you could swipe left or right on the button to zoom in or out. Sure, a lot of smartphones let you adjust zoom through volume keys, but Apple’s thinking differently. Your finger wouldn’t have to leave the Capture button, which could be more convenient.

The button can be depressed, suggesting a mechanical design. This is a bit of a twist from earlier rumors that hinted at a capacitive button with haptics. Unlike those capacitive buttons that sense touch through electrical charge, mechanical buttons need physical pressure to work.

Some leaks and speculations suggest that Apple plans to put this button on the right side of the phone, under the power button. We even worked with a 3D artist recently to create some renders of what the iPhone 16 series might look like, including the possible button placements. You can check them out here.

The source also mentioned that this Capture button is currently being tested on the standard, Plus, and Pro models. Here’s hoping this feature is available on all iPhone 16 models and not just limited to the Pro handsets, as was rumored earlier.

The iPhone 16 series might have more up its sleeve. Apple could introduce a tetraprism telephoto lens for both the iPhone 16 Pro and Pro Max. The non-Pro models might get a boost too, with rumors suggesting that the iPhone 16 and iPhone 16 Plus could come with additional RAM and a Wi-Fi upgrade.

Derrick Flynn
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