Samsung Denies Renaming Exynos as Dream Chip, Debunks Gossip

What you should know

  • Samsung has denied rumors that it plans to rebrand its Exynos chips as ‘Dream Chip’.
  • The term ‘Dream Chip’ is merely an internal project name and not intended for commercial use.
  • Rebranding can be beneficial for companies to remain relevant and competitive in dynamic markets, especially when they need to overcome negative perceptions.
  • Exynos chips have faced criticism from users for sporadic performance issues such as overheating, battery drain, and stuttering on videos.

Full Story

Bet on Samsung renaming their Exynos chips to ‘Dream Chip’? Well, you’re out of luck. This rumor started a few days back when a tipster on X/Twitter hinted at the possibility.

The idea was Samsung’s next in-house chip might be called ‘Dream Chip’. But, Samsung has now put the brakes on that speculation. The company responded to a query by Android Authority, denying any plans for a rebrand.

“All rumors regarding rebranding are not true,” Samsung Semiconductor clarified. So, where did this ‘Dream’ business come from, you ask?

Samsung explains that ‘Dream Chip’ is merely an internal project name. It’s not something they’re planning to use commercially. Sure, there might be a day when they decide to rename the Exynos line. But today ain’t that day, according to Samsung.

So, why rebrand at all? It might seem strange to some, but there’s a case to be made for it. Companies need to stay relevant and competitive in these fast-paced markets, especially if they’ve had a few slip-ups.

Not saying that’s the case with Exynos, of course. But, some users have expressed frustration with these chips due to occasional performance issues. Think overheating, battery drain, stuttering videos, and more.

Therefore, rebranding can be a way for businesses to adapt. It helps them keep up with changing consumer tastes, refresh their image, and stay in step with industry trends.

Derrick Flynn
Derrick Flynn
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