Samsung Factory Produces Over a Billion Galaxy Phones

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  • Samsung‘s Thai Nguyen factory in Vietnam, known as SEVT, celebrated producing 1 billion mobile phone units just 10 years after its opening in 2014, marking a significant achievement that few phone manufacturing plants worldwide have reached.
  • The journey to the 1 billion-unit milestone was commemorated with a video showcasing historical milestones from 100 million to 900 million products, each represented by “cups” for specific Galaxy models, highlighting the technological advancements and design enhancements of Samsung’s flagship product lines.
  • Mr. Park Sung Ho, speaking at the event, highlighted the rapid achievement of the 1 billion-unit milestone by SEVT in just 10 years, compared to the 21 years it took for Samsung globally to reach the first 1 billion phone units, demonstrating the strength and pride of the entity.
  • SEVT, established in 2013 and operational since 2014, is Samsung’s largest export-oriented phone manufacturing plant globally, significantly contributing to Samsung’s investment in Vietnam since 2008 and the production of over 2.13 billion smart devices in the Galaxy ecosystem in the country.


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A decade has flown by since Samsung cracked open the doors to its Thai Nguyen factory in Vietnam. And guess what? They’re throwing a massive party because they’ve just hit the jackpot – producing 1 billion mobile phone units. That’s right, 1 billion.

SEVT’s the name, and making history’s the game. Not many phone factories around the globe can boast about such a feat. It’s like finding a needle in a haystack, really. This info comes straight from a blog post by Samsung Vietnam, which, by the way, was translated automatically.

So, they had this event, right? And they decided to showcase their journey to a billion units with a video. It’s not every day you see something like this. They used “cups” to represent each milestone, from 100 million all the way up to 900 million. And guess who carried these cups to the stage? AMR technology, that’s who.

Let’s talk about these “cups” for a sec:
– The 100 million mark was celebrated with the Galaxy Note 5.
– At 200 million, the Galaxy S7 took the spotlight.
– The Galaxy S8 shone at 300 million.
– Galaxy S9 was the star at 400 million.
– Halfway there, the Galaxy S10 marked 500 million.
– The Galaxy S20 was the hero at 600 million.
– Galaxy Note 20 Ultra stepped up at 700 million.
– Galaxy Z Flip 3 flipped the script at 800 million.
– And the Galaxy S22 Ultra strutted its stuff at 900 million.
– Finally, the Galaxy S24 Ultra brought it home at 1 billion.

Each of these milestones wasn’t just about numbers. They were about the leaps in technology, design, and features that Samsung introduced with each model. SEVT has been at the forefront, churning out Samsung’s crème de la crème since it started.

At the celebration, Mr. Park Sung Ho, the man of the hour, didn’t just talk shop. He gave a shoutout to everyone from the top brass to the factory floor, and even the partners who’ve made this journey possible.

Now, let’s rewind a bit. Samsung began its mobile phone saga back in 1988. Fast forward to now, and they’ve produced over 6 billion units worldwide. It took them 21 years to hit the first billion, but SEVT smashed that in just 10 years. Talk about setting the bar high!

SEVT didn’t just pop up out of nowhere. It was established in 2013 and kicked into full gear in 2014, making it Samsung’s heavyweight champion in phone manufacturing on a global scale. And it’s not just phones; tablets are part of their repertoire too.

The big move to Vietnam happened in 2008 with Samsung Electronics Vietnam (SEV) setting up shop in Bac Ninh. Since then, Samsung’s Galaxy ecosystem has grown to over 2.13 billion devices, all made in Vietnam. Now, if that’s not impressive, I don’t know what is.

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