Samsung Galaxy A52 5G Android 14 Update Now Available in the US

What you should know

  • The Android 14 update for the Galaxy A52 5G is now rolling out in the United States, after being first released in Europe and China.
  • Currently, the update is only available for carrier-locked units in the US, with unlocked models expected to be added soon.
  • The update, which is a 2GB download, includes new features and improvements, the December 2023 security patch, and updates to a handful of pre-installed apps.
  • Samsung has committed to four years of Android OS updates for all its Galaxy devices, which means the Galaxy A52 5G is eligible for another major Android update in the future.

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The Galaxy A52 5G? Yeah, it’s still a good mid-range phone, even three years after its launch. If you’re clinging to one of these older Galaxy models, here’s some good news. The Android 14 update is finally making its way to the US.

Originally, this update was only available in Europe and China. Now, it’s available for carrier-locked units in the US, as reported by Sammy Fans. Unfortunate, though, that the unlocked models aren’t getting the update just yet. But hey, it’s just a matter of time before they join the party.

So, if you’re using a carrier-locked Galaxy A52 5G as your go-to gadget, here’s what you need to know. Look out for software version A526USQUCFWL1. It’s a 2GB download, so make sure you’ve got enough free storage before you dive into the upgrade to Android 14.

What’s in the update, you ask? Well, besides all the new features and improvements that Android 14 brings, Samsung’s also thrown in the December 2023 security patch. They’ve even updated a handful of apps that come pre-installed on the phone.

Samsung’s made a promise, you see. They’ve committed to four years of Android OS updates for all their Galaxy devices. That means the Galaxy A52 5G is in line for another major Android update. Of course, that’s not set in stone. Companies can always change their roadmap for software updates, but for now, it’s something to look forward to.

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