Samsung Galaxy A54 receives early Christmas with Android 14 update

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Samsung‘s 2023-released Galaxy A54 5G is reportedly receiving the One UI 6.0 rollout based on Google’s newest OS version in the US
– Other markets are expected to follow suit soon
– Samsung is planning to make similar updates for other devices, but it may not be able to do so by the end of the year

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Are you gearing up for Christmas and hoping for an Android 14 update for your mid-range smartphone? The 2023-released Samsung Galaxy A54 5G might just make your wish come true. The official One UI 6.0 rollout, based on Google’s newest OS version, is reportedly underway for this device on one US carrier. This means that lucky users in the US may soon be enjoying the latest software goodies developed by Samsung in partnership with Google. While it’s unusual for the update to start in the US first, it’s safe to assume that other markets will follow suit soon.

The timing of this over-the-air delivery is in line with the update schedule publicly announced by Samsung. It’s particularly exciting considering that many high-end and ultra-high-end phones from other companies are still stuck on Android 13. The fact that Samsung is planning to roll out similar updates for other devices in the coming days and weeks is also good news. However, it’s unrealistic to expect all the mentioned devices to receive the Android 14 update by the end of the year.

Although some updates are likely to happen in the coming month, Samsung may not be able to execute all of them within such a short window of time. It’ll be interesting to see which devices will be next in line to receive the highly anticipated Android 14 update. The Galaxy A54 5G is paving the way for mid-range smartphones to enjoy the latest software features, and we can’t wait to see which devices will join the ranks in the near future.

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