Samsung Galaxy Ring Launching in August with Limited Features

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  • Samsung officially confirmed the development of the Galaxy Ring during the Galaxy S24 Unpacked event, but has yet to release or announce detailed specs, price, and features.
  • The Galaxy Ring is expected to be announced with its price and specs at Samsung’s Z Fold 6 Unpacked event in July, with a launch alongside Samsung’s 2024 foldables in early August, timed with the Olympic Games in Paris.
  • As an official Worldwide Olympic Partner, Samsung may showcase the Galaxy Ring and new foldables by having the 25 athletes from Team Samsung wear them during the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris.
  • At launch, the Galaxy Ring may offer limited health and fitness features, with advanced functionalities like medical-grade sensors expected to be added post-launch after necessary certifications.


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Samsung’s latest venture into wearable tech, the Galaxy Ring, hit the marketing scene in a way that could only be described as unconventional. For about a year, whispers of a smart ring in development floated around before the big reveal this January. The catch? That happened at the Galaxy S24 Unpacked event. Yet, they didn’t spill the beans on its specs, price, or features.

Google’s approach with its Pixel phones is somewhat similar. They tease us in the spring and make us wait until fall for the release. But, Google at least sprinkles little tidbits here and there, building up our anticipation over time.

So, when’s the big day for the Galaxy Ring? Well, according to The Elec, a Korean media outlet, we should mark our calendars for a July Unpacked event. Specifically, Wednesday, July 10, in Paris, with the release rumored for July 26. And it seems the Galaxy Ring will share the stage with Samsung’s 2024 foldables come early August.

Why the rush, you ask? The Olympic Games in Paris, that’s why. Samsung, being an official Worldwide Olympic Partner until 2028, has its eyes set on the July 26-August 11 slot. It’s the same timeframe as the Olympics, hence the need to push the event up by a couple of weeks.

Their Olympic theme? “Open always wins.” A bit cheeky, perhaps, but it makes you think. Especially since the 25 athletes from Team Samsung might be sporting these new gadgets. It’s a smart move if Samsung wants to leverage its Olympic partnership to the max.

Now, about those Galaxy Ring features. At launch, don’t expect the moon and the stars. The word on the street is that Samsung’s prepping an initial batch of 400,000 units. They’re keeping it simple, with nine sizes to fit every finger, whether you’ve got dainty digits or chunky knuckles.

The ring itself isn’t a marvel of complexity. It’s straightforward to produce, with no hard-to-find components. This means Samsung can quickly ramp up production if the demand skyrockets.

But here’s the rub. While there’ll be plenty of Galaxy Rings to go around, they might not come with all the bells and whistles initially. The FDA’s gotta give it the thumbs up for any medical-grade functions, and that’s not a quick process. Remember, the Galaxy Watch went through the same song and dance before getting the green light for ECG and blood pressure features.

So, what can we expect at launch? Some nifty fitness and basic health tracking features, for sure. Think sleep, pulse, and blood oxygen tracking. And, compared to a smartwatch, the Galaxy Ring’s snug fit could mean more accurate real-time measurements. Plus, it’s less intrusive for sleep tracking and likely more wallet-friendly than the Galaxy Watch series.

In essence, Samsung’s playing the long game with the Galaxy Ring. And honestly, I’m here for it. Let’s see how this plays out.

Derrick Flynn
Derrick Flynn
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