Samsung Galaxy S22 Android 14 Update Now Available in the US

What you should know

  • Samsung has started the rollout of the Galaxy S22 Android 14 update, initially only available in Europe but now also in the United States.
  • The update in the US is currently only available for T-Mobile-bound Galaxy S22 models, with other carriers and unlocked versions expected to follow.
  • Not only the Galaxy S22, but also the Galaxy S22+ and Galaxy S22 Ultra are receiving the update in the US.
  • The update for the US also includes the November 2023 security patch, similar to the European update.

Full Story

Samsung’s Galaxy S22Android 14 rollout has begun. Initially, the update was only available in Europe.

Now, the update has made its way to the United States. However, its availability is somewhat restricted.

A leaker known as CID shared some news on Twitter. The US Galaxy S22 series is now getting One UI 6, according to them. But there’s a catch.

The update is only for T-Mobile-bound Galaxy S22 models. If you’ve got an unlocked version or one from a different carrier, you’ll have to sit tight for a bit.

It’s not just the standard Galaxy S22 that’s getting the update in the US. The Galaxy S22+ and Galaxy S22 Ultra are also on the list.

Samsung’s Galaxy devices are in the middle of an upgrade to Android 14. It’s a slow process, though, and it’ll take a while for the update to reach everyone.

Over a dozen phones and tablets are now eligible for the update. But only in certain countries.

So, if you’re a T-Mobile customer with a Galaxy S22 series phone, it might be worth checking for the One UI 6 update. The firmware version you should be looking for varies depending on the model: S908USQU3DWK5, S908UOYN3DWK5, or S908USQU3DWK5.

Just like the European update, the one rolling out in the US should also include the November 2023 security patch. So, that’s a bonus.

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