Samsung Galaxy S22 One UI 6.1 Update Delayed Over Boot Problems

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  • Samsung has begun the rollout of the One UI 6.1 update for the Galaxy S22 series but has reportedly halted it due to major issues reported by users.
  • Users have reported that some Galaxy S22 series phones no longer boot or unlock after installing the One UI 6.1 update.
  • Despite the issues, Samsung has not yet officially confirmed or acknowledged the problems with the One UI 6.1 update.
  • The One UI 6.1 update is currently only available for the Galaxy S22 series in South Korea, limiting the reported issues to users in this country.


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Oh boy, it seems like just yesterday when Samsung started rolling out the One UI 6.1 update for the Galaxy S22 series. But guess what? Rumor has it, they’ve hit the brakes on that. Apparently, some major hiccups have popped up, and it’s causing quite the stir.

So, here’s the tea from the Samsung Community forums (shoutout to SamMobile for the scoop). Some folks who’ve updated their Galaxy S22 series phones are now staring at bricks. Yup, their phones won’t boot or unlock. Talk about a major oopsie.

But hey, don’t freak out just yet. Samsung’s playing it cool – no official word from them on this mess. That might mean they’re whipping up a fix as we speak. Fingers crossed, right?

For now, the One UI 6.1 update is like a VIP club exclusive to the Galaxy S22, Galaxy S22+, and Galaxy S22 Ultra peeps in South Korea. So, if you’re not from around there, you’re kinda watching the drama unfold from the sidelines.

Let’s not jump the gun and update just yet, okay? Give it a few days. We’ll keep our ears to the ground and let you know if Samsung gives the green light again. Stay tuned, and maybe don’t hit that update button just yet.

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