Samsung Galaxy S24 Series RAM Leak Indicates No 16GB Option

What you should know

  • The Samsung Galaxy S24 flagship series is expected to debut in January 2024.
  • According to tipster ICE UNIVERSE, Samsung will not be releasing a 16GB RAM variant for the Galaxy S24 Ultra and will instead stick to 8GB and 12GB RAM configurations.
  • The Galaxy S24 Plus is also expected to offer 8GB and 12GB RAM variants, while the standard Galaxy S24 will limit its RAM to 8GB.
  • These upcoming flagships are expected to incorporate on-device generative AI and a base storage of 256GB, promising enhanced performance.

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Samsung’s Galaxy S24 flagship series is creating a buzz. It’s set to debut in January 2024, and as the date draws near, rumors are flying.

One such rumor comes from the famous tipster, ICE UNIVERSE. He’s got the scoop on Samsung’s plans for the Galaxy S24 Ultra. Turns out, they’re not planning on a 16GB RAM variant.

Instead, they’re sticking with what worked last year. The company plans to offer 8GB and 12GB RAM configurations for its top-tier flagship. The Galaxy S24 Plus is expected to follow suit with 8GB and 12GB RAM variants. As for the standard Galaxy S24? It’s set to cap its RAM at 8GB.

But here’s a twist. The Galaxy S24 Plus is getting a memory upgrade next year. It’ll sport a 12GB model. That’s a step up from its predecessor, the Galaxy S23 Plus, which only came in an 8GB version.

Earlier, there were whispers of the Galaxy S24 Ultra featuring a hefty 16GB of RAM. But the latest news suggests otherwise. This move by Samsung is raising some eyebrows.

Why? Well, another well-known tipster, Revegnus, had shared that Samsung was toying with a 16GB RAM prototype for the Galaxy S24 Ultra. So, this change of plans is a bit surprising.

Beyond the RAM details, the upcoming Galaxy S24 and S24 Plus, along with the S24 Ultra, have some other tricks up their sleeves. They might come with a base storage of 256GB. And that’s not all. These flagships are expected to incorporate on-device generative AI for enhanced performance.

Samsung’s got its own AI model named Gauss. It’s expected to be part of the Galaxy S24 series. One of the exciting features to look forward to is the AI Live Translate Call. It’s a real-time translation feature for phone calls, right on the device.

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