Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra Poised for Major Camera Upgrade

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  • Galaxy S24 Ultra received its first significant camera update last month, enhancing shutter speed, video clarity, and exposure.
  • A second “major” camera update for the Galaxy S24 Ultra is rumored to be coming in April, focusing on improvements to white balance and telephoto image quality.
  • A March update for the Galaxy S24 Ultra is expected to introduce an underage mode and various optimizations, with no significant camera improvements.
  • The Galaxy S24 Ultra features impressive camera specs, including a 200 MP main camera and Samsung‘s ProVisual Engine camera technology for enhanced imaging capabilities.


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Oh boy, the Galaxy S24 Ultra just got a bit more interesting last February. They threw in a camera update that seriously upped the game in terms of shutter speed, video clarity, and how well your pics turn out in terms of exposure. And guess what? The rumor mill’s churning again.

Word on the street (or rather, from the digital lips of the famed tipster Ice Universe) is that we’re in for another treat. This time, it’s all about making those whites whiter and those telephoto shots crisper. April’s the month to mark on your calendars, folks. But hold up, there’s a little something coming in March too.

Seems like the Galaxy S24 Ultra’s getting a bit of a pre-game update with an underage mode (whatever that entails) and a few tweaks here and there. Though, don’t get too hyped about camera enhancements in this round.

— ICE UNIVERSE (@UniverseIce) March 19, 2024

Despite already snagging the crown for the best camera phone out there since its grand entrance in January, Samsung’s not taking a breather. They’re all in, pushing the envelope further to keep us snapping pics like there’s no tomorrow.

The spec sheet on this beast? Oh, it’s a beauty. We’re talking a 200 MP main shooter, a 12 MP ultra-wide for those expansive shots, and not one but two zoom cameras. There’s a 10 MP camera that brings things 3x closer and a 50 MP one that zooms in 5x. And here’s a kicker – the 5x camera is stepping in for the 10x lens from its older bro, the Galaxy S23 Ultra. Samsung’s playing smart, using that hefty 50 MP sensor and some AI magic to keep the photo quality top-notch.

Plus, there’s this ProVisual Engine tech Samsung’s been hyping up. It’s supposed to make your photos pop even more. For the nitty-gritty on that, we’ve got a deep dive you can check out.

As for when this next update is hitting the airwaves? That’s the million-dollar question. Stay tuned, and we’ll keep you posted.

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