Samsung Galaxy Wearable App Issues on Pixel Phones After January 2024 Update

What you should know

  • Samsung is facing an issue with its Galaxy Wearable app, with certain Pixel smartphone users reporting difficulties in accessing the app that is crucial for connecting Samsung’s smartwatches to Android devices.
  • The problem seems to have arisen following the January 2024 update for Pixel devices, causing users to be unable to access the Galaxy Wearable app and manage their Galaxy Watches.
  • The Galaxy Watch 4, 5, and 6 models are affected by this issue, and while some users have proposed potential solutions, the effectiveness of these solutions is uncertain.
  • Neither Samsung nor Google have officially acknowledged the issue, and it is unclear when a solution will be provided. The issue underscores the complexity of the Android-Wear OS ecosystem.

Full Story

Samsung’s Galaxy Wearable app is currently in a bit of a pickle. It’s a big deal in the Wear OS ecosystem, but it’s been acting up lately.

Some Pixel smartphone users have been having a hard time accessing the app. Without it, they can’t connect Samsung’s smartwatches to their Android devices.

A bunch of users have been complaining about this on the Google Pixel and Galaxy Watch subreddits (hat tip to Android Police for the scoop). The trouble seems to have started after the January 2024 update for Pixel devices. So, that update might be the bad guy here.

The main problem? Users can’t get into the Galaxy Wearable app. This makes it tough to manage their Galaxy Watches. Plus, the bug has messed with the watch too, causing it to unpair from Pixels and refuse to reconnect.

The Galaxy Watch 4, 5, and the latest 6 models seem to be affected. That suggests this could be a big issue. 9to5Google has found similar problems with some Galaxy phones. But, for now, the problem doesn’t seem too widespread.

A few users have suggested some possible fixes. One idea is to change the date to December 31, 2023, to get into the app. But it’s not clear if this will work. And we don’t know if the user who suggested this had the problem after the January 2024 update.

Samsung and Google haven’t said anything about the issue yet. So, we don’t know when a fix will be available. If the Pixel January update is the cause, the fix might come in a future update for Pixel phones.

Or, Samsung could speed things up by releasing a new version of the Galaxy Wearable app with the fix. While users wait for a solution, this situation shows the complexity of the Android-Wear OS ecosystem.

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