Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 Faces Major Manufacturing Flaw Unfixed Under Warranty

What you should know

  • A Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 owner experienced issues with the device not opening flat due to debris getting caught in the hinge, specifically pieces of bristles and adhesive tape used in the cleaning mechanism.
  • After manually cleaning the hinge using thin plastic and cut-up soda can pieces, the owner was able to open the device flat again, but this increased the risk of debris entering the phone and damaging the internal screen.
  • The owner warns other Galaxy Z Fold 4 users experiencing similar issues to use their warranty and seek resolution from Samsung, highlighting it as a manufacturer defect.
  • Despite changes made to the hinge in the newer Galaxy Z Fold 5 model, there is skepticism among users about the durability and design of Samsung’s folding devices, with some users reporting Samsung’s refusal to repair the device under warranty due to unrelated damages.

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So, there’s this guy on Reddit, right? He’s got a Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4. And guess what? The thing won’t open flat anymore. Why, you ask? Debris. Yeah, you heard that right. Debris got all caught up in the hinge.

The Redditor, ahmed1smael, spilled the beans. Turns out, it was bits of bristles meant to clean the hinge. Plus, pieces of adhesive tape that were supposed to keep those bristles in place. Go figure. He even posted a pic on Reddit to show what he was dealing with.

After a grueling four hours, armed with nothing but soda can fragments, the dude managed to clean out the hinge. Finally, his phone could open flat again. But here’s the kicker: with the bristles gone, there’s a bigger risk of more debris sneaking in. Not great for the phone’s innards, right?

Ahmed1smael got a bit technical in his post. He talked about the seal along the hinge and how he pinpointed the damaged side. His toolkit? Thin plastic and those soda can pieces. Talk about DIY.

Once he got rid of the bristles and adhesive, the phone was back to its old self. Opened flat and all. But he’s not happy with Samsung. Says they keep denying the issue with the adhesive. And he’s got a word of advice for other Galaxy Z Fold 4 users facing the same drama: hit up Samsung Warranty. Don’t try to be a hero and do it yourself. “This is a manufacturer defect,” he insists.

Then there’s the whole saga about the Galaxy Z Fold 5. Before editing his post, ahmed1smael hinted it might face the same fate. That stirred up quite the conversation on Reddit. A user, GuyTan0, chimed in asking for evidence. He pointed out that the Z Fold 4 had these issues way before the Z Fold 5 was even a thing. And according to him, the Z Fold 5 is still holding up fine. Seems like Samsung caught on and tweaked the hinge for the better.

But not everyone’s convinced Samsung’s taking responsibility. Rocket 3431 shared his woes, saying Samsung wanted to charge him for repairs. “This is absolute BS,” he vents. He’s so over it, counting down days till he can switch phones. Even considers going back to an old Note 9. And he’s not alone. Other Redditors echoed similar frustrations about Samsung’s refusal to repair their Z Fold 4 under warranty, all because of minor scratches or a chipped charging port.

Talk about a rollercoaster, huh?

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