Samsung Introduces Gaming Hub for Cloud Gaming on Galaxy Phones

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  • Samsung‘s Gaming Hub, previously known as the Game Launcher app, is introducing new features to enhance the mobile gaming experience, including the Instant Plays feature for instant game access without installation.
  • The Gaming Hub aims to expand gaming access within the Galaxy ecosystem by supporting cloud gaming, Android APKs, cloud-based attribution with major mobile measurement partners, and existing in-game monetization models.
  • At the Game Developers Conference, Samsung emphasized its commitment to game streaming and the development of an all-in-one gaming platform optimized for Galaxy owners, aiming for a seamless gaming experience without the need for downloads and waits.
  • The Gaming Hub for mobile, unveiled in 2022, evolves from the Game Launcher feature and is part of Samsung’s broader strategy to provide users with diverse options for discovering and enjoying games through an integrated game streaming and discovery platform.


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Oh, gaming on mobiles? Huge. It’s like the bread and butter for tech giants. They’re always on the grind, making sure we get that buttery-smooth gameplay. And Samsung? They’re not playing around, especially with their Galaxy lineup. Top-notch, really.

So, here’s the scoop: Samsung’s shaking things up with their Gaming Hub. Yeah, that used to be the Game Launcher app. They’re tossing in some fresh features that are pretty slick.

They’ve got this thing called Instant Plays. It’s still in the beta phase in the US and Canada, but it’s cool. Basically, it lets you jump straight into games. No downloads, no waiting. Just play. It’s all about getting more folks into the gaming scene, making everything a breeze.

Samsung’s not just stopping there. They’re on a mission to grow their Galaxy universe. With Instant Plays, discovering new games is a piece of cake. And their cloud platform? It supports Android APKs and works with the big names in mobile measurement. Plus, it keeps the cash flowing for game publishers. Smooth sailing for everyone.

At this year’s Game Developers Conference, Jikhan Jung, the big boss over at Samsung, spilled the beans. They’re dreaming big with the Gaming Hub for mobile. Imagine an all-in-one spot that’s just perfect for Galaxy users. Finding and playing games without the hassle of downloading? Yes, please.

They’re all ears, listening to what gamers want. And they’ve figured it out: streaming games through the cloud is the future. It’s a game-changer, making the app store look like old news. A seamless experience is what they’re promising.

Back in 2022, Samsung dropped the Gaming Hub. It’s an evolution of the Game Launcher, but way cooler. It’s all about giving users a buffet of gaming options. Discover, play, enjoy. That’s the motto. Samsung Gaming’s goal? To keep you entertained with a variety of games. And honestly? They’re nailing it.

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