Samsung Introduces Seamless Android Updates for Galaxy Phones

What you should know


  • The Galaxy A55 is the first Samsung device to feature Google’s seamless updates, allowing for background downloading and installing of updates.
  • Seamless updates minimize device downtime during updates by using dual partitions, enabling use of the device while the update is installed in the background.
  • Although older Samsung devices are unlikely to receive the seamless updates feature, it is expected to become a standard feature in future Samsung Galaxy devices.
  • The implementation of seamless updates by Samsung marks a significant shift, as the company had previously not adopted this feature since its introduction by Google in 2016.


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Oh, boy, here’s something interesting. The Galaxy A55 just got a fancy new trick up its sleeve. It’s the first of its kind in the Samsung family to nab the seamless updates feature. Pretty cool, huh?

What’s that, you ask? Well, it lets you download and install updates without the usual fuss. No more staring at your screen, waiting for ages. It’s all done in the background.

But wait, there’s a catch. Older phones might not get to join the party. Seems like seamless updates are the future, though, at least for new Samsung Galaxy devices.

Remember 2016? That’s when Google rolled out this seamless update thing for Android. Most brands were on board, but Samsung? Not so much. They took their sweet time, but here we are, eight years later, and they’ve finally jumped on the bandwagon.

SamMobile’s been buzzing with reports. The Galaxy A55 is leading the charge, showing everyone how it’s done. And it looks like this is just the beginning. More Galaxy devices are expected to follow suit.

Mishaal Rahman, an Android guru, spilled the beans on Twitter. He’s all excited about the Galaxy A55 5G getting its update game on. There’s a tweet with pics and everything. “Downloading and installing” plus “verification” steps are now a thing.

And get this – the Galaxy A55 in India just snagged the March 2024 Android security patch. This update wasn’t just any update. It brought the seamless updates feature along for the ride.

So, what’s the big deal? Imagine downloading, verifying, and installing system updates without the headache. No more endless loading screens. Just a quick restart, and voila, you’re up to date.

Here’s the techy bit. The update installs on a separate partition. You keep using your phone like nothing’s happening. Once it’s done, a simple restart switches everything over. Magic, right?

Gone are the days of twiddling your thumbs, waiting for your phone to come back to life. Seamless updates are changing the game.

Now, for the older Samsung devices, don’t hold your breath. Seamless updates need to be in the mix from the get-go. But hey, future Samsung Galaxy devices? They’re looking at a seamless future.

So, there you have it. Samsung’s finally embracing seamless updates, starting with the Galaxy A55. It’s a big step forward, and it’s about time. Here’s to less waiting and more doing.

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