Samsung May Introduce Vertical App Drawer in One UI 7 or Earlier

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  • Samsung has historically avoided implementing seamless updates and vertically scrolling app drawers, but is now considering changing its stance on the latter.
  • A Samsung Community forum post by a moderator hinted that the next version of One UI will introduce a vertical scrolling option in the app drawer.
  • The vertical scrolling feature might return either as part of the Good Lock’s Home Up module or as a native feature in One UI 7 (Android 15) or an interim update.
  • Confirmation on the implementation of vertically scrolling app drawers in One UI will likely come with the release of One UI 6.1 or the One UI 7 beta, following Google’s release of the Android 15 public beta.


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Samsung? Oh, they like to march to the beat of their own drum, especially when it comes to Android. Take seamless updates, for instance. They avoided them like the plague for years. But then, March came along and bam! Change of heart.

Now, onto another quirk. Vertically scrolling app drawers. You know, the kind that’s pretty much everywhere on Android phones? Yeah, Samsung wasn’t a fan. But, hold the phone—there’s a new whisper in the tech world. It seems Samsung might be warming up to the idea after all.

So, what’s the scoop? A post popped up on a Samsung Community forum. And not just any post. It was spotted by the eagle-eyed folks at SamMobile. A moderator there let slip that One UI’s next version is gonna have that vertical scroll for the app drawer. “Hello customer,” they started, all official-like. “This is the Good Lock Support Team.” They’re prepping to roll out the vertical list function in the next OS version. A polite “thank you” capped off the message.

This juicy tidbit came while the mod was replying to a curious user. The topic? The potential comeback of the vertical scroll in Good Lock’s Home Up module. Now, Samsung’s skin for Android hasn’t been too keen on the vertical scroll in the past. And to add a twist, Samsung decided to remove this option from the Home Up module after an update. Talk about taking a step back.

As of now, One UI’s app drawers are all about swiping left or right. Pages, not scrolls. But if this moderator’s hint is on the money, Samsung might be plotting a comeback. Maybe they’ll reintroduce the option in Home Up or—get this—bake it right into One UI 7 (that’s Android 15 for the uninitiated) or even sneak it into an earlier update.

The latter seems more plausible, doesn’t it? If Samsung’s yanking the feature from Home Up, they’re probably gearing up for a grand reveal with One UI 7.0. But hey, in the world of tech, it’s all speculation until it actually happens.

We’re all playing the waiting game now. Samsung’s next move? It’s anyone’s guess until they roll out One UI 6.1 or tease us with the One UI 7 beta. And with Google just dropping the first public beta for Android 15, we might be in for a bit of a wait. So, grab some popcorn and stay tuned.

Derrick Flynn
Derrick Flynn
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