Samsung Music App Gains Galaxy Buds Touch Control Compatibility

What you should know

  • Samsung‘s wireless earbuds support touchpad gestures, including a customizable touch-and-hold gesture for launching apps like Spotify, activating digital assistants, or adjusting volume levels.
  • The latest update for the Samsung Music app now allows it to be fully compatible with Samsung’s wireless earbuds, enabling users to customize the touch-and-hold gesture to open the Samsung Music app directly from the earbuds.
  • To customize the touch-and-hold gesture for the Samsung Music app, users need to update the app, go to the Galaxy Wearable app, navigate to Touch Controls, and choose Touch and Hold.
  • The touch-and-hold gesture can be assigned differently for each earphone, allowing for diverse functionalities such as opening the Samsung Music app with one earphone and activating the voice assistant with the other.

Full Story

Oh, the world of earbuds! Samsung’s got these wireless ones, right? They’re pretty slick with a touchpad that does all sorts of fancy gestures. You can do a touch-and-hold thing to launch apps like Spotify, wake up your digital assistant, or even tweak the volume. But, get this, Samsung’s own music app was kinda left in the dust. Didn’t play nice with the earbuds. Until now, that is.

So, there’s this latest update for the Samsung Music app. It’s a game changer. First off, you gotta update your app. Then, dive into the Galaxy Wearable app. Here’s the drill:

– Open the Galaxy Wearable app.
– Hit up Touch Controls.
– Select Touch and Hold.

Boom. You’re in. Now, you can make that gesture do whatever you fancy. Even pick which earbud does what.

Let’s say, you’re feeling a bit adventurous. You could set the right earbud to jump straight into the Samsung Music app. And the left? Maybe summon your voice assistant. But hey, it’s not just about opening stuff. You can launch pretty much any app you’ve got.

And here’s a cool bit. Using the tap-and-hold gesture keeps your tunes rolling from the Samsung Music app, even if you’re messing around on your phone or tablet. Seamless.

Why wasn’t this a thing before? Well, that’s a Samsung secret. Maybe they thought their music app wasn’t getting enough love to warrant the full earbud treatment. I mean, let’s be real. Most of us are streaming tunes from the cloud these days. Samsung Music? It’s not exactly on the streaming bandwagon, though it does shake hands with Spotify. But a streaming service of its own? Nope, Samsung’s not playing that tune.

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