Samsung Patent Suggests AI as Your Personal News Editor

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  • Samsung has disclosed a patent for AI document summarization technology.
  • The patent involves analyzing search queries entered into electronic devices by AI to display multiple related documents and provide personalized summaries based on the user’s interests and political leanings.
  • This technology is expected to be integrated into upcoming Samsung products, such as the Galaxy Z Flip 6.
  • The concept of AI generating tailored summaries raises concerns about reinforcing personal biases and deepening societal divides.


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Oh, boy, Samsung’s at it again. They’ve got this patent that’s all about using AI to sum up documents. But not just any summaries. These are tailor-made, just for you. The AI’s gonna peek at your search queries to get a feel for what tickles your fancy, maybe even where you lean politically. Imagine that!

Now, imagine this tech popping up in the next Galaxy Z Flip 6. Remember when Samsung dropped the Galaxy S24? That was them dipping their toes into the AI pool. Looks like they’re planning to take a full dive now.

So, there’s this tipster, Revegnus, spilling the beans over on X. Says Samsung’s got this patent where AI sniffs around your search terms. Then, bam, it throws up a bunch of documents. But here’s the kicker: it figures out what you’re into, maybe even your political vibe, and whips up a summary just for you.
– Yep, Samsung’s playing with AI document summarization tech.
– The gist? AI checks out your search queries, finds related docs, and crafts summaries that vibe with your interests, political…— Revegnus (@Tech_Reve) March 18, 2024

Chosun Biz, this Chinese news outlet, is buzzing with rumors. They’re betting Samsung’s gonna weave this tech into their next gadgets. Like the Galaxy Z Flip 6, which everyone’s waiting for later this year.

Get this example Samsung threw out. Say you’re curious about the “Agenda for the South Korea-U.S. Summit.” You ask for a quick, neutral summary. The AI’s gonna spotlight stuff like “North Korea, nuclear, missile, South Korea-U.S. military exercises.” But if you’re in the mood for something longer and a tad negative? The AI might dish out a summary saying, “Disagreements between South Korea and the United States on North Korean solutions could cast a shadow on the upcoming South Korea-U.S. summit.”

Now, here’s where it gets sticky. This whole AI-making-tailored-summaries thing? It’s kinda cool but also a bit worrying. Tailoring summaries based on political leanings? Hmm. That could end up feeding our personal biases, maybe even widening the gaps in society. It’s gonna be interesting to see how Samsung navigates these choppy waters. Definitely something to watch.

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