Samsung phones and tablets to be updated to Android 14 by end of 2023

What you should know

  • Samsung has been revising its Android 14 update schedule in favor of customers
  • Many Samsung phones and tablets are expected to be upgraded to Android 14 by the end of this year
  • Some Galaxy A and M series phones will receive the update in 2024
  • The roadmap for the Android 14 update may not be fully accurate and could change in the future

Full Story

Samsung has been updating its Android 14 roadmap frequently, with a recent update giving customers a more favorable timeline for the update. The updated roadmap in Germany suggests that most eligible Galaxy devices will receive the Android 14 update by the end of this year, with some cheaper Samsung phones expected to get the update in 2024. While the timelines mentioned may be specific to Germany, they typically expand to other countries shortly after the initial rollout.

A comprehensive list of Galaxy phones and tablets that will receive the Android 14 One UI 6 update in 2023 and 2024 has been confirmed. Many popular models are expected to receive the update by the end of 2023, with some cheaper models slated for early 2024.

While the roadmap may not be entirely accurate and could change in the future, users can check the Members app to stay informed about Samsung’s Android 14 rollout. Despite potential delays, Samsung seems motivated to provide the Android 14 One UI 6 upgrades to a wide range of devices as soon as possible, with the goal of completing these updates by February 2024.

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Derrick Flynn
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