Samsung Reveals Cellphone History, Teases Galaxy S24 in New Promo

What you should know

  • Samsung‘s next Unpacked event, where the Galaxy S24 flagship line will be unveiled, is scheduled for January 17th, 13 days earlier than last year’s Galaxy S23 introduction.
  • The event will take place in San Jose, California, and the company has released a teaser that takes viewers through a brief history of Samsung mobile phones.
  • AI features are expected to be a significant part of the Galaxy S24 series, including AI Live Translate Call, which translates a phone call in real time, and a feature that schedules events and tasks based on phone call content.
  • Customers can reserve the Galaxy S24 model they want to buy through January 16th on Samsung’s website, which will earn them $50 in Samsung credit. Eligible trade-ins can provide up to $1,020 in savings towards the new flagship line.

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Samsung’s got some big news. The next Unpacked event is officially set for January 17th. That’s right, we’re getting the Galaxy S24 flagship line a whole 13 days earlier than last year’s Galaxy S23 reveal.

Why the rush? Well, it seems Samsung’s itching to take on the iPhone 15 series and the Pixel 8 line. They’re moving the timeline up a couple of weeks to get a head start. The event’s happening in San Jose, California, kicking off at 10:00 am PST/1:00 pm EST.

And hey, you can reserve your Galaxy S24 model now. You’ll even get $50 in Samsung Credit!

Today, Samsung dropped a pretty nifty teaser. It’s a quick trip down memory lane, at least the Samsung version of it. We’re talking a history of the cellphone, minus the 2007 debut of the first Apple iPhone (courtesy of the late Steve Jobs).

The history lesson starts with Samsung’s first mobile phone from 1988. Then it’s onto the first television phone in 1999, the launch of immersive displays in 2011, the first water-resistant handset in 2014, the introduction of Samsung Pay in 2015, and the release of foldable phones starting in 2020.

The teaser leaves us hanging with a question: “What’s next?” It ends with a promise: “Get ready for a new era of mobile.” So, what is next?

AI, that’s what. Rumor has it, the Galaxy S24 series is packing some pretty exciting AI features. We’re talking AI Live Translate Call, which translates a phone call in real time. Imagine an English speaker and a Spanish speaker having a seamless conversation.

Another rumored AI feature lets a Galaxy S24 series handset sift through a phone call and take action based on the conversation. It’s like having a personal assistant right in your phone. Events get added to a calendar app and tasks to a to-do list.

Samsung’s got our expectations sky-high, and they better deliver. Oh, and we should mention, you can reserve the Galaxy S24 model you want to buy at until January 16th. You’ll snag $50 in Samsung credit, and eligible trade-ins could save you up to $1,020 on the new flagship line.

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