Samsung S25’s Size Could Endanger the Small Flagship Phone Market

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  • Samsung and Apple are both rumored to be increasing the display sizes of their upcoming flagship phones, continuing the trend of flagship phone displays growing larger over the years.
  • Despite the increase in screen sizes, the overall phone size has not grown correspondingly due to manufacturers significantly reducing bezel sizes, allowing for larger displays without making the phone too unwieldy.
  • The potential increase in display size for the Samsung Galaxy S25 may mark the end of small flagship phones, as even compact models are expected to feature larger screens.
  • Consumer preferences for phone screen sizes appear to favor the 6.1-6.4 inch range, indicating a demand for devices that balance screen real estate with ease of handling.


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Oh, the tech world’s buzzing again! Apple and its iPhone 16 are fattening up, and guess what? Samsung’s not just sitting back. They’re rumored to be beefing up the Galaxy S25’s screen size too. Almost like they’re playing tag with Apple, right?

For over a decade, these two giants have had the US phone market in a tight grip. Carriers love ’em. Every time Samsung drops a new Galaxy S series, Apple’s market share does a little dip under 50%. But, as sure as fall follows summer, it bounces back when Apple releases its latest iPhone.

It’s like a high-stakes game of follow-the-leader. One zigs, the other zags. Samsung brought us that cool long-distance zoom camera, and Apple? They came out with their own Tetraprism twist. And titanium phone frames? Apple went there first, and bam, Samsung’s Galaxy S24 Ultra is sporting titanium too.

Now, Apple’s hinting at bigger iPhone screens. And while we’re all here thinking, “Samsung’s gonna follow, right?” – hold up. The S25 Ultra might just stay put. It’s already nudging the 7-inch mark. Seriously, how much bigger do these phones need to get?

Remember when a 0.2-inch screen bump was the annual surprise? Now, it’s like, “Where does it end?” But let’s not get fooled by just looking at screen sizes. The actual phone sizes haven’t ballooned in the same way, thanks to some clever design tricks.

Ah, the bezels. Those once-chunky borders around our screens have been on a diet, thanks to innovations like hole-in-display cameras and the infamous iPhone notch. Nowadays, phones are practically all screen.

But there’s a twist. The iPhone mini is waving goodbye, and even the iPhone SE is expected to bulk up. Samsung’s Galaxy S line? Their bezels are already so thin, any more screen means a bigger phone, period.

So, what’s the future look like? Could the Galaxy S25 spell the end for small flagship phones? The S24’s still on the list of compact champs, but if it grows by that legendary 0.2 inches, it might just tip the scales.

We did a little digging, ran a survey about screen size preferences. Turns out, people aren’t all about those giant screens. The sweet spot? Between 6.1 and 6.4 inches. The Galaxy S25 might just squeeze into this range, but it’s a tight fit.

It’s looking like the days of small, powerful phones are numbered. The mini’s on its way out, and who knows what’s next? One thing’s for sure, the tech world’s never dull.

Derrick Flynn
Derrick Flynn
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