Samsung TV Plus Expands Free Sports Viewing Options

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  • Samsung TV Plus has announced major partnerships with top sports leagues, including Major League Baseball (MLB), to offer a variety of free, ad-supported content such as weekly game replays, minor league coverage, and recaps.
  • The PGA Tour channel on Samsung TV Plus will feature comprehensive golf content, including behind-the-scenes looks, documentaries, tournament recaps, and highlights.
  • Samsung TV Plus will be the first free streaming service to air live American Hockey League (AHL) games, specifically featuring the Los Angeles Kings affiliate, the Ontario Reign.
  • Formula 1 is launching its first-ever free, ad-supported TV (FAST) channel on Samsung TV Plus, providing access to races, analysis, replays, and documentaries across F1, F2, F3, and F1 Academy.
  • An exclusive partnership with Warner Music will bring unique music content to Samsung TV Plus, including exclusive playlists like “The Drop” and “Artist Odyssey,” expanding the platform’s offerings beyond sports.


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Oh, boy, sports fans are in for a real treat. Samsung TV Plus just pulled off a major coup. They’re shaking things up for folks who’ve ditched traditional cable or satellite TV. They’ve inked deals with the big leagues. Yep, we’re talking major partnerships that’ll bring a boatload of sports content to their free streaming service. And guess what? It’s all happening just in time for the Olympics.

So, you’re a baseball fanatic? Well, you’ve hit a home run with Samsung TV Plus. They’re teaming up with Major League Baseball (MLB) to deliver FAST TV content. It’s free, ad-supported, and about to change the game. No live games, though. But hey, you’ll get weekly game replays, minor league action, and all the recaps you can handle. And Samsung’s hinting at even more exclusive baseball content on the horizon.

Golf more your speed? There’s good news for you too. The PGA Tour channel on Samsung TV Plus is a golfer’s paradise. Behind-the-scenes peeks, documentaries that dive deep, tournament recaps, and highlights. Plus, a ton of interesting competitions. It’s all there, waiting for you.

Hockey enthusiasts, get ready. Samsung TV Plus is breaking new ice as the first free streaming service to broadcast live American Hockey League (AHL) games. We’re talking about games featuring the Los Angeles Kings affiliate, the Ontario Reign. How cool is that?

Rev those engines, motorsports fans. Formula 1 is launching its very first FAST channel on Samsung TV Plus. F1, F2, F3, and F1 Academy races throughout the season are on the docket. Not to mention, all the analysis, replays, and documentaries your heart desires.

Now, let’s switch gears for a moment. Are you more into tunes than touchdowns? Samsung TV Plus has got you covered too. They’ve struck an exclusive deal with Warner Music. This means Warner Music content, exclusive playlists like “The Drop” and “Artist Odyssey,” will jazz up Samsung TV Plus’s lineup. For sports and music lovers alike, it’s a veritable feast of options—all without the need for a cable subscription.

In a nutshell, Samsung TV Plus is seriously upping its game in 2024. Whether you’re into sports, music, or both, they’re rolling out the red carpet. No cable? No problem. With all these options, who needs it?

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Derrick Flynn
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