Samsung Update Causes Green Display Line, Users Upset Over Repair Cost

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  • Some Samsung smartphone users have encountered vertical green lines on their displays after a software update, suggesting a potential underlying hardware issue exacerbated by the update.
  • Green lines on OLED screens are a common issue across various brands, including Apple and OnePlus, but the exact cause remains unclear, with possibilities ranging from dead pixels to damaged display connectors.
  • Users affected by the green line issue, such as those with the Galaxy S21 FE and S21 Ultra, have reported high costs for screen replacements, indicating Samsung’s reluctance to cover the repair under warranty.
  • Customer dissatisfaction is growing due to Samsung’s handling of the issue, with some users expressing deep distrust in the brand and its customer service, leading to a call for Samsung to assume responsibility and offer free replacements as they did for Galaxy S20 users in 2022.


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Oh, the dreaded green lines are back. And this time, they’re haunting some Samsung smartphone users. It’s like a ghost from tech past, isn’t it? Most folks noticed them after a software update. Talk about bad timing.

Some users are saying these vertical green specters appeared right after their phones got updated. But here’s the kicker: it’s not necessarily a software glitch. Nope. It could be that the update just poked at a hardware issue that was chilling out, unnoticed. And voilĂ , green lines on the display.

Now, green lines on OLED screens aren’t exactly breaking news. They’ve crashed the party on devices from other brands too, like Apple and OnePlus. But what causes them? That’s the million-dollar question. Samsung once mumbled something about dead pixels. Or maybe it’s a wonky display connector, some configuration hiccup, or the aftermath of a water dive or a tumble. Usually, though, these lines just pop up out of nowhere. No dropsies or oopsies involved.

Take @Hercules_UTD, for instance. Their Galaxy S21 FE got hit with the green line curse right after the March update. And guess what? No dents, no scratches, nothing. Yet, Samsung’s like, “That’ll be 14K Rupees ($167.65), please,” for a new screen. Ouch.

Then there’s @Entroprox, cruising along until the April update. Boom. Their Galaxy S21 Ultra joins the green line club.

And don’t get me started on penguinastronomy. Samsung’s asking them for a whopping $469 for a screen replacement. Their story? It’s a saga of disappointment. They’ve lost all faith in Samsung. The customer service? A hot mess. Even with an appointment, they ended up in a wild goose chase with online support. All that, just to be told to cough up cash for a new screen. They’re so done with Samsung. And they’re not shy about telling everyone to steer clear unless Samsung steps up.

From these tales of woe, it’s clear as day. Samsung’s playing the “not it” game, leaving users to foot the bill for new screens. But hey, remember when Galaxy S20 users got free replacements in 2022? Maybe, just maybe, Samsung will see the light if enough people speak up. Here’s hoping.

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Derrick Flynn
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