Samsung’s Battery Protection Feature Expected in One UI 6.1, Already in One UI 6.0 but Not Functional

What you should know

  • A battery-protective mode, named as ‘Protect Battery’ or ‘Battery Protection’, is expected to be introduced on One UI 6.1 in the coming weeks with the Galaxy S24 line.
  • Despite being present in the settings, the feature does not seem to be functioning as of now, according to user experience shared by Tarun Vats.
  • The feature, when working, is supposed to limit the battery charge to a maximum of 85% to maintain battery health.
  • Once launched, the feature offers three options – Basic, Adaptive, and Maximum, each providing different levels of battery protection and charging limits.

Full Story

Let’s talk about a new feature called ‘Protect Battery’ or ‘Battery Protection’. It’s a battery-protective mode that’s expected to hit One UI 6.1 in the coming weeks. And guess what? It’s coming with the Galaxy S24 line.

Before, we chatted about its purpose – to keep the battery on Galaxy handsets healthy. Now, it seems it’s nestled in the One UI 6 with the latest patches (via 9to5Google). But here’s a twist: it doesn’t appear to be working. It’s just there, like a painting on a wall.

The settings are all displayed correctly, and you can switch between options. But according to Tarun Vats, nothing happens. He shared his experience with the ‘Battery Protection’ in a post on X/Twitter.

What’s it supposed to do? Well, turning on battery protection should limit your battery to a maximum of 85% charge. This isn’t a new concept; it’s been available for a bit now, even in Samsung’s Android 13 update.

If you’re curious and want to check out this new (non-working) feature, you can find it in the latest One UI 6.0 patches. You can access it through apps that can manually launch app “activities”. There are a few ways to do this, like with the “Activity Launcher” app. The activity you need to turn on is “BatteryProtectionActivity”, says the report.

Once you’ve launched it, you’ll see another menu with three options: Basic, Adaptive, and Maximum.

“Basic” will only charge to 100% when the battery level drops to 95%. So, if you’re at 97% and plug your phone in, no charging will happen until it hits 95%. This cycle continues until you unplug your phone. It’s a basic level of protection for your battery.

“Adaptive protection” is a bit different. It pauses fast charging at 80% and slowly charges to 100% overnight. It’s based on your typical phone usage habits. The idea is that charging will pause at 80% while you’re sleeping and finish charging to 100% just before you wake up. It’s a moderate protection for folks who charge their phones overnight.

Finally, there’s “Maximum protection”. This one limits charging to 80%. Your battery will stop charging when it hits 80% and won’t resume unless the battery level drops below 80%. It provides the most protection for your battery. The catch? Your tablet will never charge higher than 80%.

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