Samsung’s Innovative Healthcare Vision Surpasses Apple: New Report Details

What you should know

  • Samsung and Apple are in a fierce competition to dominate the health monitoring sector of the tech industry, with ambitious plans for the future of wearable devices.
  • Both tech giants are aiming to improve the capabilities, accuracy, reliability, and impact of their health monitoring devices on users’ health.
  • Samsung is working towards developing a non-invasive glucose monitoring system that doesn’t require drawing blood or causing any discomfort to the user. However, the technical challenges to achieve this remain unclear.
  • Continuous blood pressure tracking is also being developed by Samsung, with the aim of enabling users to monitor their blood pressure all day using only a wearable device such as a Galaxy Watch, Galaxy Ring, or Galaxy Buds.
  • While Samsung seems to have a head start in blood pressure technology, it’s uncertain how far Apple has progressed in the development of similar technologies.

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Samsung and Apple are in a heated competition. They’re battling for global supremacy in the tech industry, but the health monitoring war might be the most exciting. It’s a close contest that could have significant implications.

Both companies have big plans for the future of wearable devices. They’re not just looking to diversify the products you rely on to track your health. They’re also aiming to enhance their capabilities, accuracy, and reliability. It’s all about making an impact on your health.

You might think these are just empty words. Or exaggerated marketing claims that will never see the light of day. But Samsung’s vision for the near future is pretty clear. They have some very specific goals.

They’re planning to introduce non-invasive glucose monitoring within five years. Imagine a blood sugar monitor on a wearable device that doesn’t require drawing blood or pricking your skin. It’s a tough task, but Samsung is confident they can pull it off. The specifics on how they’ll overcome the technical challenges are still a mystery, though.

Apple’s plans aren’t as clear. Rumors suggest they might integrate a non-invasive glucose sensor into a next-gen smartwatch as early as this year. If true, Samsung could be a few steps behind in this particular health care technology.

Samsung is also working on continuous blood pressure tracking. The goal? To let you monitor your blood pressure all day and night with nothing more than a Galaxy Watch, Ring, or Buds. These improved sensors might be integrated into a wide range of Samsung products in the future. They might even appear in the Galaxy Watch 7 and Galaxy Watch 7 Classic later this year.

Samsung’s early start in blood pressure technology could give it an edge over Apple. But you never know how far Apple has come with the development of a potentially groundbreaking technology until it’s unveiled.

What’s clear is that both Samsung and Apple are looking at ways to help users live better and longer lives. That’s more important than a new camera, RAM upgrade, or even AI skills and features.

Derrick Flynn
Derrick Flynn
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