Samsung’s Powerful Chip Could Power New Nintendo Switch 2

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  • Samsung is set to power the upcoming Nintendo Switch 2 with its high-performance memory chips, specifically utilizing the 5th-generation V-NAND memory for enhanced performance.
  • The Nintendo Switch 2 is expected to feature significant improvements with memory speeds reaching up to 1.4 GB/s, promising faster read speeds and better overall performance.
  • Despite using older Samsung technology, the Nintendo Switch 2’s performance is anticipated to be noticeably better, encouraging gamers to consider upgrading.
  • Nintendo has opted to use Samsung OLED panels for the Nintendo Switch 2 display, following a patent infringement lawsuit filed by Samsung Display against BOE, a competitor OLED panel manufacturer.


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Oh, the anticipation! We’re all on the edge of our seats, aren’t we? Wondering if Google and Nintendo will join forces to create a VR headset. Meanwhile, Samsung’s sneaking in, powering up the next big thing – the Nintendo Switch 2. It’s kinda expected, though. Samsung’s tech is everywhere.

Gaming consoles, especially those craving high-performance memory chips, are gonna love this. Samsung’s top-notch memory chips? Yes, please. Recent whispers in the tech world hint that Nintendo’s cooking up a new version of its beloved handheld console. And guess what? It’s gonna boast a Samsung memory chip. Talk about an upgrade!

Sources are buzzing with news that the Nintendo Switch 2 will harness the power of Samsung’s 5th-generation V-NAND memory. We’re talking speeds of up to 1.4 GB/s. That’s not just fast; it’s lightning-fast. A significant leap from its predecessor, for sure.

But here’s the kicker – they’re using Samsung’s older tech. Yep, while Samsung’s out there rolling out 9th and 10th-gen V-NAND chips, the Switch 2 sticks with the 5th. Yet, this leap is still bound to make gamers’ hearts race, urging them to upgrade.

Now, details about this new console are kinda like a well-kept secret. But, let’s dive into the realm of speculation for a sec. Rumor has it, the Nintendo Switch 2 might just flaunt a Samsung OLED display. Fancy, right?

As 2023 was drawing to a close, whispers turned into talks. Nintendo and Samsung, sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G. Well, not really, but they were discussing OLED panels for the next-gen Nintendo Switch. Initially, Nintendo flirted with the idea of using OLED panels from BOE. But, plot twist! They went for Samsung’s OLED panels instead.

Why the sudden change of heart? Well, it’s all thanks to a juicy bit of drama. Samsung Display threw down the gauntlet, hitting BOE and its seven subsidiaries with a patent infringement lawsuit in Texas, USA, back in June 2023. The lawsuit claimed BOE got a little too inspired by Samsung Display’s tech, mimicking it and selling OLED panels like they were hotcakes.

So, there you have it. A tale of tech, anticipation, and a dash of legal drama. Can’t wait to see how it all unfolds.

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Derrick Flynn
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