Siri’s Major AI Transformation Expected to be Revealed at WWDC 2024

What you should know

  • Siri, the virtual digital assistant introduced with the iPhone 4s in 2011, has been criticized for not living up to its initial promise and is often compared unfavorably to Google Assistant.
  • During the expected WWDC 2024, Apple is anticipated to announce new generative AI capabilities for Siri based on Apple’s internal Ajax model, including more personalization and natural conversations.
  • Users often complain about Siri’s inability to provide direct answers and misunderstandings due to microphone issues. A rumored microphone upgrade is expected to address this problem.
  • Another anticipated AI feature for Siri would allow users to start a conversation on one device (like an iPhone) and continue it on another (like an iPad or Mac).

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Remember when Siri first popped up in 2011? The unveiling happened with the iPhone 4s. We were all pretty stoked to have our own virtual sidekick. The sky was the limit, or so it seemed.

Fast forward to today. Siri is more of a headache than a helpmate, especially when you stack it up against Google Assistant. Every year, we Apple fans hold our breath, hoping that the tech giant has done more than just give Siri a new voice or accent. Maybe 2024 will be the year we’ve been waiting for.

There’s some buzz in the tech world. A blogger named yeux1122 (found on tom’s guide) has some predictions for WWDC 2024, which should be happening next June. The word is that Apple might announce some new AI capabilities for Siri. These would be based on Apple’s internal Ajax model. Sounds fancy, right?

We might also see Siri becoming more personalized and capable of natural conversations. What does that mean for the average Siri user? Good question. It’s not crystal clear, and it doesn’t seem to address the big issues that Siri users gripe about.

Here’s what Siri users really want: direct answers. Not a response like, “I’ve found your answer on the web. Open your phone to read it.” That’s not helpful. Other problems? Sometimes Siri just doesn’t get what you’re saying. There’s a rumor that a microphone upgrade could fix this. But what about when Siri hears you right but gives you the wrong answer?

WWDC in June might bring an AI-based makeover for Siri. According to yeux1122, we might see an AI feature that lets you start a chat with Siri on your iPhone, then pick it up on your iPad or Mac. That sounds cool, but will all these rumored AI enhancements and upgrades really make Siri better? Time will tell.

I know what I’d like. I’d be thrilled if Siri could answer more questions correctly in a single sentence. As for setting alarms, timers, and other settings, Siri seems to handle those okay.

Derrick Flynn
Derrick Flynn
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